Monday, December 22, 2008

Baller Sunday But Denver Sport Teams Suck

I had a real baller day on Sunday shipping +$675 over like 37 games. There is no better feeling in the world, besides one other thing, than when you are running good. It just feels like no matter what situation you are in you will come out top. Even though I know I may of made some -ev shoves or calls they ended up working for me and I was just crushing. I try not to get too hype with my success and realize that I cannot afford to be results oriented and need to making the right play all the time not some of the time. Either way I just feel like I have a lot of confidence in my game. I definitely appreciate the help my coach has given me and I think he has slowly turned me into a winning player. I am looking for my game to grow, make better reads, better decisions post flop, and just becoming an all around better poker player.

Now for the terrible part of the weekend. It feels like I am so attached to my sports teams but honestly right now they are sucking a fat left nut. The Broncos act like they want to give the Chargers the division by not winning @ home against the Bills. Now they must go into San Diego, who will be very hungry and pissed off about the call in the first game they played, to win the AFC West. Oh well I am a little nervous but with all the ish that the Broncos were talking about how the Chargers won with no class last year @ home it def should be an interesting game. I am just looking forward to winning the game and the AFC West title. Even though our D is terrible I still think we have a good shot. The Nuggets let me down and have lost three games in a row. They need to get back on track and their schedule is not getting any easier. It also doesn't help that Melo will be out for three games. Oh well @ least I might get a chance to see them play a home game when I go back to Denver. Yes once again I have tricked my sister and she has no idea that I will be coming back home for Christmas. Its funny too because I didn't think she would be this pissed off if I missed Christmas but I will see her soon and she will be real happy. Once again I don't care about posting it on this blog because she rarely reads it and I will let her know I put it on my blog again and she didn't read it. Oh well its shameful that I have to do stuff like this to make my sis, aka my best friend, read my blog. Well thats all for now! Hopefully everyone is have a good time in this holiday season!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Regular Grind & Sports Teams

Basically I have been just playing. I mean nothing really new to report which is why this post may be pretty boring. For the most part I have just been playing and using the Auto Reg and Debustifier has been good. Like I said it is just easier putting in sessions not worrying about loading and exiting tournaments etc. I think I might need to step up my game in terms of studying a bit more. I mean I do study sessions after I play but I think I can do a lot better. Especially when I feel like when I study its kind of like an overview of my push folds. Also, I need to do a better job of putting people on ranges in SNG Wiz. Right now on my shoves I adjust the ranges to see if they say call wider how +ev it is compared if they are calling narrower. If people believe this is the wrong way to study you can for sure leave a comment and tell me what you think will work better.

The weekend was pretty std and the Broncos and Chiefs let me down. I was weary of the Broncos playing the Pantehrs and they absolutely destroyed us. Steve Smith was putting in work but it didn't help that Champ Bailey was out for the game. All we need to do is beat Buffalo @ home and we are in there like swim wear. I thought that we would of clinched before the game started but the Chiefs choked and gave up an 11 pt. lead in the 4th quarter with like 1:11 left in the game which is ridiculous. The Nuggets are also playing pretty baller with the acquisition of Chauncey Billups and Melo just put up 33 in one qtr which is good. However, Manchester United is just letting me down this season. It seems like every time we have a chance to gain points and put pressure on Chel$ea and Liverpool we always choke. Hopefully they can turn on the heat on the top 2 and make a real run for the EPL title. Well hopefully my next post will be better.


Monday, December 8, 2008

SFSO and Debustifier

I didn't put as much volume in on the weekend as I think I should have. It seems like every freaking weekend I say this. I think I get so caught up about being happy and not having to go to work that I rather go out and kick it with friends than play online poker. I feel like when I don't play I am throwing away money but at the same time I think I need to have some type of social life. I really can see how easy it is to just play online all the time and not have to kick it with anyone therefore becoming anti social. However, I did get the opportunity to download SFSO and Debustifier and honestly I don't know how I was playing without these programs. It makes things so much easier and I can just sit down and focus on playing rather than registering for new tournaments and closing the tables after I busted. The thing about it is that when you don't use these tools everything can get a bit crazy trying to register for new tournaments while having a bubble decision or a shove decision etc etc. Oh well, better of late than never. The other reasons I like using SFSO and Debustifier is because it forces me to play for a set amount of time and I don't start tripping about the tournament I just lost because it just closes and I don't think about it anymore. I have to give myself props because I feel like I don't really tilt and my emotional state is very good in sessions. Well I know this post is written pretty poorly but oh well. This week should not be very hectic so I can get a good amount of grinding in :-).


Friday, December 5, 2008

Nov Results December Goals

November was the most profit that I have made in a month. A couple of months ago I was pretty stoked about $1k in a month and I realized that I could make some decent money playing 45 man SNG's. Well I think the early success went to my head and I didn't make as much the months afterwards. Now that I found my coach, I feel like I am making better decisions and doing things a lot better than I did in the past. I hope that this is just the tip of the ice berg and that my game will continue to grow. I could of never imagined that I could be supplementing my income by putting in some hours online. The graphs from the results of November will be located towards the bottom of this post. Now that it is the beginning of a new month I want to put in some goals and here they go!

December Goals
-@ least 750 SNG's
-ROI: 25-30%.

I think that it is good to set a goal for a number of games played and what type of ROI I want to achieve instead of a monetary goal. I mean I pretty much just have a big emergency fund if something were to go down :-p!

On another note, it was so fun to go back home to Denver for Thanksgiving. I surprised the hell out of my sister and that was really fun. It was really nice to see my family and I really appreciate the times that I spend with them. I guess I don't really realize how much I miss my family until I go back home. I mean don't get me wrong its cool being out in Seattle by myself in my own spot and everything but its even better to go home and spend time with your family and you feel their love. It was sooo funny to watch the 60 Minutes piece about the UB/AP scandal with my parents. Even funnier that my dad was kind of shocked that I have made some decent money playing on PokerStars. I had to keep telling them that I have never played on those crap sites of UB/AP and that I haven't been cheated. Besides it was kind of funny to see my dad's expression when I told him that I only deposited $75 and how far I have ran my bank roll up to now. Oh yeah I also had a blast kicking it with my friends who I went to high school with. We went to Lo Do's in Highlands Ranch and we had a blast just drinking and clowning. Now we all have a little bit of an inside joke about a hot tub lawl. It was also kind of celebratory because my old high school had just won the football state championship. It was cool watching the game on tv but I wanted to go in person but my black ass was not staying outside in that cold to watch that game.

I haven't gotten off to the best start with putting in some volume this month by starting off a little slow but I will pick it up. Realistically I really want to try to get to 1k sng's in a month and I know that I will be GoldStar by then. Big ups to reasons14 for making GoldStar by 1 point and he had a pretty baller month.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Coaching Deal

Well my first deal with my coach is over so it was time for another one. We re-evaluated everything and came up with a deal that I think is fair for both of us. I really am thankful for getting this coach because it really does help my game. Never did I ever think I would need coaching for poker. I use to be one of those stubborn guys hearing about people getting coaching and was like I don't need coaching I can learn it all myself. Well, I was very very very and did I mention very wrong and the information and knowledge that I have gotten from coaching has turned me into a profitable player. I am a little disappointed because I will not make GoldStar this month but very happy with the way I have been playing and my results. I look forward to finishing this month off pretty strong.

I probably won't get to play very much more this month because I will be going home for Thanksgiving. Needless to say my parents do really approve of me playing poker all like that so I will try to keep the poker playing to a minimum when I go back to Denver. I am super excited because my old high school is going to be playing in the state championship game. I remember it like it was yesterday and it was 10 years ago when Mullen beat Cherry Creek at home and we became the state champs. Obv I was a freshmen that year so I didn't get to get a state champ ring every year afterward we were always in the semi's or the quarters losing. Sigh lifaments. I am also excited to see my little sister and family that I haven't seen in a while. I am supposed to be surprising my sister but she rarely reads my blog so she will have no idea that I will be coming into town. I miss her a lot and can't wait to get back and to talk/clown with her. Other than that life is great. I switched groups at my job and I am liking it a lot more therefore I am more motivated to get to work and be at work. I am very excited the challenges that this new position will bring to me and I will finally get to use my degree skills while working on some managerial skills. Well, be easy everyone!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Small Session Yesterday

I played some games yesterday for a pretty good session. I finished the day up around $300 which was good but could of been a little bit better. My QQ ran into TT and a guy rivered a T on me so gg me and that would of put me up a lot and able to win the tournament. I feel like my late tournament game is getting a lot better and I am feeling the results. I am slacking a little bit in terms of trying to reach GoldStar but I will grind hard this week so I can try to make it. I am going to play pretty much everyday for the rest of the week for @ least 3 hrs but not sure about Wednesday. I am thinking about putting in a light day and watching the new Katt Williams DVD called It's Pimpin' Pimpin'. Pimp Chronicles, which is his first movie, is so outrageously funny that I cannot miss another Katt Williams stand up DVD plus the previews are funny as hell. I have to figure out what I can do tonight because I know I have to have another coaching session this week but I also want to get coaching on my HH from the Daily Thirty Grand. Decisions decisions but at least they are good decisions that need to be made. I also need to figure out when I can sit down and review some tournaments I played for a couple of hours. A couple of hours here and there can never hurt and it will help me memorize the the % table on hands.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Terrible Casino Experience/Almost Doesn't Count

My coworkers decided it would be a good idea to check out the new Snoqualmie Casino that was built out here so they set an email and set everything up to go on Friday night. Needless to say I had a life tilt story about the casino. We get to the casino and when I first walk in I was like man this place is nice. You can really tell that they put a lot of money into the place. I think walking in was the best thing that happened because what ensued next tilted the sh!t out of me. I was hungry before I got there but I knew that they had a sushi place there so I was like I will wait to eat. First, I go to the back of the casino and grab a pager from the poker room and have to give them my id while I hold the pager. There looked like there was going to be around a 45 minute wait for me to play. Which brings me to my first rant of the place. How are you going to be a brand new casino and only have 10 poker tables. Hmm I guess poker players don't make the casino's enough money to start with a bigger room. So I go to walk back over by my coworkers who are playing slots lawl. I don't know how people can play slots it is the most mindless form of gambling ever and they are not even as cool as they use to be because you don't get to hear the coins trickle out ;-). After spending some time with them and having some drinks I was like hey I am hungry let me go to the sushi place. Boom I walk to the sushi place and the line is kind of closed and I was wondering why but my stubborn ass opens the line back up. I am then told that the line was closed because the sushi place was about to close. Thats strange you guys close at 1am so why are you shutting the line down 1/2 hr early. Not to mention how small the sushi area was and the line was kind of long. I was like alright I will go ask some people to order my food and I will pay a little bit for their food. I convince some people to do this for me and they are seated at their table. I decided I was going to get the Spicy Tun and Rainbow roll and what the hell these people were nice a bottle of saki. Cool the lady comes by takes our order and then it takes a little bit but the saki, their soup and edamame all come out. Cool I start talking to them and taking shots. Ok even though it takes a long time for their sushi to get made but it finally gets there and they starting to eat it. "I feel bad for eating in front of you ." was the quote I remembered directly but I was like it is cool my food is about to get there in a second. Ok so they all finish eating their food and I am just drinking this bottle of sake and I am like where the hell is my food. Umm its no where to be found so the lady goes back and tells the cooks and then they start making it. Then they put it in a to go box and put it on top of the refrigerated thing where they keep all the fish. All good but someone still needs to grab the box. So I let another 20-30 minutes to go buy because I want to see how incompetent these people are. Well I finally say something about that probably being my food and he was like oh it is they never said it was ready. I was like "WHAT!" I almost went off the deep end and talk to a manager and have the people cosign with me. After bitching and moaning I got my food for free but had to pay for the saki and still let some money on their bill. Oh well at least the sushi was pretty good and the saki had me feeling a ok. Did you notice that during this whole time I am going through this which is like close to a couple of hours that I did not get a page from the poker room. WTF so I go over to the poker room and was like man I never got paged. He was like "I personally paged this think" so I take the pager out of my pocket he pages it as a test and the page goes through. Hmm thats very weird the pager never went off the whole time unless I didn't feel it in my back pocket vibrating but I have done this before and I KNOW I would of felt it going off. Lawl! So the whole trip to the casino I had to wait for eternity for my food and I was starving and I never got to play poker after waiting for my food and not getting paged. Oh well it must of not been meant to be but, I TILTED THE HELL OUT OF ME J;ajkdja;f;jkakjejk;! By this time my coworkers are back and ready to leave and they were mystified about my crazy experience because they were off playing slots having fun and I was getting pwned by Snoqualmie Casino sigh.

Yesterday I played the Daily Thirty Grand and pretty much had my deepest run ever. I was happy with my play but I think that I might of did a gambling kind of call to make a run for the tournament. Here is the hand:

PokerStars Game #22070668968: Tournament #119387825, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level XX (3500/7000) - 2008/11/15 17:33:26 ET
Table '119387825 61' 9-max Seat #5 is the button
Seat 1: billlly88 (209058 in chips)
Seat 2: Barney6716 (254683 in chips)
Seat 3: balondo (46602 in chips)
Seat 4: wbmustang (153425 in chips)
Seat 5: Good Deal (131624 in chips)
Seat 6: Cyriluss (44352 in chips)
Seat 7: Lord of isla (133308 in chips)
Seat 8: TenBagger (66872 in chips)
Seat 9: enatetingab (83113 in chips)
billlly88: posts the ante 700
Barney6716: posts the ante 700
balondo: posts the ante 700
wbmustang: posts the ante 700
Good Deal: posts the ante 700
Cyriluss: posts the ante 700
Lord of isla: posts the ante 700
TenBagger: posts the ante 700
enatetingab: posts the ante 700
Cyriluss: posts small blind 3500
Lord of isla: posts big blind 7000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to wbmustang [Ad Jd]
TenBagger: folds
enatetingab: calls 7000
billlly88: folds
Barney6716: raises 246983 to 253983 and is all-in
balondo: folds
wbmustang: calls 152725 and is all-in
Good Deal: folds
Cyriluss: folds
Lord of isla: folds
enatetingab: folds
Uncalled bet (101258) returned to Barney6716
*** FLOP *** [Qc 6s 4c]
*** TURN *** [Qc 6s 4c] [Ac]
*** RIVER *** [Qc 6s 4c Ac] [2c]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Barney6716: shows [3d 3c] (a flush, Ace high)
wbmustang: shows [Ad Jd] (a pair of Aces)
Barney6716 collected 329250 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 329250 | Rake 0
Board [Qc 6s 4c Ac 2c]
Seat 1: billlly88 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: Barney6716 showed [3d 3c] and won (329250) with a flush, Ace high
Seat 3: balondo folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 4: wbmustang showed [Ad Jd] and lost with a pair of Aces
Seat 5: Good Deal (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: Cyriluss (small blind) folded before Flop
Seat 7: Lord of isla (big blind) folded before Flop
Seat 8: TenBagger folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 9: enatetingab folded before Flop

Maybe it was not the right move to make a call but he was getting more aggressive, I think I am ahead of most of his range from what I saw on past hands and, if I win this pot I have a lot of chips and can do damage and go for the win. I know that the pay at the final table is so much better so I took the shot finished 127th after getting sucked out on the river. Oh well maybe next time. I really though it was gonna be the big score but everybody knows almost doesn't count :-). I plan on putting in some volume after the Broncos vs. Falcons game I am about to go over to my coworkers house right now so it should be fun since he is a Dirty Bird fan boooo. Go Broncos!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Main Entry:
1trust           Listen to the pronunciation of 1trust
Middle English, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse traust trust; akin to Old English trēowe faithful — more at true
13th century
1 a: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something b: one in which confidence is placed2 a: dependence on something future or contingent : hope b: reliance on future payment for property (as merchandise) delivered : credit trust>3 a: a property interest held by one person for the benefit of another b: a combination of firms or corporations formed by a legal agreement ; especially : one that reduces or threatens to reduce competition4archaic : trustworthiness5 a (1): a charge or duty imposed in faith or confidence or as a condition of some relationship (2): something committed or entrusted to one to be used or cared for in the interest of another b: responsible charge or office c: care , custody trust>
in trust
: in the care or possession of a trustee

Do you trust the people in your life? Better yet do you trust the motives of the people in your life?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baffled By Bush Admin & WSOP ME

Well I try to stay off of political rants but how can you stay off of them when George Bush and his cronies are in office. Economically, the USA is one of the hardest times since the recession and you know what these clowns are trying to do? Oh yeah hey lets pass some last minute UIGEA bill to ban online poker in the USA. First of all I think that this has to be one of the dumbest bills that has ever been passed. How are you gonna restrict Americans from playing online poker. Oh because the casino's and horse racing comapanies in the USA are suffering. Give me a break its my money I do what I please with it I can't believe the USA wants to tell me what I can and cannot do with my hard earned money. If I want to stay in my house and play on PokerStars because I don't feel like driving to a casino I think that it is perfectly fine. Hell the gas money alone would make the trip -ev and I can't 9 table tournies live. I have a lot more to say about this but don't want to fill this blog up with a rambling rant about this incompetent administration. I just feel like they definitely have more pressing issues than trying to sneak the UIGEA through. Oh well can't wait till January 20 and when the news house/senate gets in there to stop this foolishness.

In terms of poker I had a good coaching session and I ran like the sun. I have a little bit under 1k in fpp's and plan on putting in a lot more volume today. I was kind of lazy in terms of volume yesterday because I was going to watch the World Series of Poker Main Event (WSOP ME) which was cool. I just can't imagine how Peter Eastgate feels being 22 years old and winning $9 million American Dollars (Thats what my Nigerian Boy Bruno would say). Oh well maybe one of these days I can get on tv and the same haters that said I would never make it can suck it X Pac style LoL. I just let my haters be my motivator and keep plugging along.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekend Update

I was out of town this weekend so I couldn't put in the volume that I liked because I was flying on Friday and then came back on Monday. I got back in Monday too late to go to work so I ended up grinding for the most of the day 6-9 tabling. I have to say that I feel so good about my game right now in terms of shoves/iso shoves and reads that I am making. The only downside is that every once in a while I try to be Kenny Tran and making ridiculously sick call but of course it doesn't work. This doesn't happen much and I had to check myself when I called someones all in on ther river early on in a tournament when I had a set and the guy rivered a flush oh well. I am still continuing to rail people from Turbogrinders at final tables so I can get better in that aspect of my game. If I get better at Final Tables I know it will drastically help my ROI. I talked a little bit to a reg Ridgewarrior and he seems like cool peeps so it was nice meeting him and I am sure we will be talking on AIM in the future. It was funny to have him talk about how I suckout on him all the time. Its funny because I feel like I rarely suckout compared to how I get abused by other people. I am a little bit behind my good buddy reasons14 in terms of fpp's to reach GoldStar but I am not giving up and going to try my hardest.

There might be an opportunity to pwn one of my friends out of $200-300. We both suck at staying motivated so we upped it a notch and it will be a weight loss battle. I will have to ask around and see what people think is fair if we should go by total weight loss or % of weight loss compared to body weight whatever makes it fair. Anyways thats all I got till now!

P.S As predicted the Denver Broncos did win and the Nuggets look alright with "Big Shot" Billups. The Broncos better crush the Falcons on Sunday but I am nervous because their offense looks so good and our Defense is well abysmal.

Till next time

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's All Good In the Hood

I played around 30 something games yesterday and had a good session so I am back positive for the month. Right now after writing that last post I really took what my coach said to heart and started crushing although it could of been a better day if some of my hands hold at the final table. I dunno why but it always seems like I run into a big hand right before the final table all the time. I remember it was a short table before the final table I shove A7s into the chip leader in the BB of course he has QQ. It also amazes me how often people catch hands bvb and when I ship with a wide range I get snapped off by like JJ-AA or AK and just wanna vomit. Oh well at least I feel like I got some confidence in my game. Another recurring theme is that I realize that I don't really have sessions that are baller. It always seems like I am either down or somewhat break even until the end and then at the end of my session I have like two final tables up. I dunno I don't want to make it sound like I am bitching but it just seems like a recurring theme. One of these days I can't wait to have just a huge day shipping a lot of stuff. Oh well @ least my Final Table game is slowly getting better which means my ROI should increase :-D. GO BRONCOS!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History Made and Spazing Out

History was made and Barack Obama becomes the first African American President. Needless to say that I am very happy and feel so proud. I always knew I could be whatever I want to be now he just shows that American Dreams do come true. I feel like I got an extra sense of swagger and bounce in my step today. His speech just motivated me and showed how he will be able to bring the country together. It was so nice to see people of all races, creeds, and colors joining together in the celebration of what is truly a historic event. Even though he is elected, Barack has a lot of work to do and I think he needs to listen to T.I's Ready For Whatever to prep himself for the job he has now.

In terms of poker I was playing alright yesterday and then my coach started ghosting me. He noticed that I was "spazzing" out and he is so right. I dunno what it is but it seems like I have been studying so much and working on my game that I put too much pressure in myself to succeed. I know I should be crushing these 12's and it is all in my head. When I play I am just going to relax and not care about winning or losing anymore. Its hard not but the thing about it is that I don't depend on this money on stars for sh!t so wtf why am I so nervous or whatever. I think I am started to get to the point where I don't really care about money and just need to make the right plays.

Yesterday though my life kind of sucked. The night before yesterday morning my xbox 360 got the red lights of death and my internet was messed up so I had to stay on hold for a half hour and they told me it was an outage in the area. Lastly, if that stuff didn't suck enough my ipod froze on me and I couldn't reset it. I was so pissed and this all happened before I was going to play. Maybe I wasn't in the best state of mind plus some of the beats I was taking was not making it better. I also attribute this to me spazing out in my ghosting session with my coach but hey I can't make excuses I was playing bad. At least my ipod battery drained and then I plugged it back in and it started working again. I plan on putting in a monster session after work today and will play some tomm but after the Broncos win. Yeah I said it the Broncos are going to win I am sick of tired of the bullsh!t they have been on the past weeks. How do you start out 4-1 then drop three straight what a bunch of clowns. Also, Manchester United are playing Celtic today so hopefully they can break through to the last 16. Thats all for now will make a post at the end of the week.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Terrible Weekend, Potential History, Oct Results, and Nov Goals

Entertainment wise this weekend was alright but for the most part it was terrible and I felt like a loser. First on Saturday we had a Flag Football playoff game and our team lost to one of the WACKEST teams in the league. I would like to talk about this more but I will get so pissed off I probably will destroy this keyboard and my cubicle. To makes matters worse, FAMU lost their homecoming game, and FSU proved to be a sham with the #15 ranking they had by losing to Georgia Tech. Oh well @ least there is the Broncos on Sunday ummmm not. The Broncos give me the biggest freaking headache ever. I drove up north to watch the game with my classmate from JK Mullen High School. Well, needless to say the Broncos laid an absolute egg and to make matters worse my boy and I just started to drink shots of Partron and Goldschlagger mixed with beers. Oh yeah at least we got to clown this Seahawks fan who was trying to sweat us. I am usually a mild mannered guy but the drink and the loss just pissed me the fu@! off so I retaliated like an angry black man I am :-p. Sounds like a great weekend doesn't it.

We might be seeing some potential history in the next couple of days. Barack Obama is going to try to become the first African American President of the USA. I really hopes he wins because as a black male he just inspires me. I also really hope he wins because if McCain wins I think it will be apocalyptic and it might spell the end of the USA. I would love to talk about it more but I really don't talk politics with people/friends because feelings get hurt so that is all you will get until after the election.

October kind of sucked for poker. I was doing alright early in the month and was up around $500 and then I went on an absolute downswing. All in all with trying to qualify for the PCA I ended up finishing down $43. Oh well thats poker I guess and my first losing month in three months so I really can't complain and its only $43 and I realize that its an endurance race not a sprint. I will post pics of graphs below to show you guys results.

November I plan on putting in a lot of volume and winning obv. I am going to set some aggressive targets for myself and I want to see if I reach my results. First I want to try to make it to GoldStar on PokerStars. I think I can do it if I put in enough time at the $12's because they seem like they do a lot better building fpp's on the month. I also want my ROI this month to be in between 25-30% which is low but doable. I think I put in enough time effort and energy that I will smash my goals.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Sigh Variance

It seems like PokerStars is racist obv cuz I am still on the doomswitch. Obv I am j/k but it sux when you feel and know that you are playing so well to not get rewarded. Yesterday I played a small little set after flag football practice was left feeling a little bit unsatisfied. So in my brilliant mind I was like hey I will just stay up for the rest of the night and try to grind make money and hopefully shake the variance. Well, that did not go according to plan and variance was slapping me like Ike was slapping Tina Tuner. I can't tell you how many times I got my money in good to get out drawn. Like JT vs AX you flop two pair and you still lose. Or TT vs K8 and someone hits runner runner 8 on you on the Turn and River it just sux. Overall though I feel like my game is getting sooooooo much better and I am just due. I have been putting in time in reviewing my sessions after I have finished and I am missing less and less shoves. I think now I might only miss like maybe like 1 or 2 shoves in SNGWiz. It just really frustrates me that I am running this way. Of course I hate to complain about how bad I am running etc etc but its so the truth. I feel like I wasted time playing games last night being a small loser when I could of went to sleep and been break even. Now I am sitting at work tired as hell with an energy drink trying to figure out wtf I did it for. Oh well ship the fpp's. I will post my results for the end of the month prob tomm. Right now I am up a little bit under $100 and my ROI for this month is like 5% or something ridic. I might even be a slight loser to the fact I was trying to qualify for the PCA so we will see. Thats enough about me running bad, bitching, and moaning I hope everyone else is on a heater.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sklansky Bux

Played a little bit did a little bit of a coaching/ghosting session and ran absolutely god awful. Even though I am not that big of a winner this month I feel that I am Scrooge McDuck swimming in my Sklansky bucks. I have no doubt in my mind that if I put the effort I need to in studying, playing, and etc. it won't be too long before I start crushing these games. Really don't have anything else just wanted to leave a quick update. I should be putting in more volume towards the end of this week so I will post about a heater (/me prays, crosses fingers, grabs rabbit foot, et all). Hope everyone is doing good.

Monday, October 27, 2008


This weekend went good in terms of poker and life so I really won't be ranting on this post. On Friday I did my first session with my coach. We went over my early game play which is alright cuz its kind of easy for me to be a nit early on in tournaments. As the session went on, I was making good reads and got my money in good everytime just to get murked by PokerStars oh well at least I know I am doing something right. I ended up down on the session but felt good about what I did. Saturday started off kind of bad because my work team lost our flag football game. Although I had a pretty baller half which included a couple of big catches and a one handed TD grab we still lost. Oh well we are a bunch of engineers and now I see why we go to work in this cubicle on M-F. I pretty much chilled out the rest of the day on Saturday and ended up taking it easy kicking it with some coworkers. On Sunday, I decided that I was going to start playing some poker again. At first I wasn't running the best but when my coach started ghosting me I did better and ended up having close to a break even session if not down 1 to 2 buy ins. I think when my coach was ghosting me I saw that my mid/late game needs some work which requires some studying in SNGWiz. I was putting myself in positions where I have like 6bb's which is still a lot of FE and I was just shoving wayyyyyyy to light but I think I got it under control. The mini ghosting/coaching session really opened my eyes as to why we shove instead of just shoving just to be shoving. I am really trying to work on figuring out ranges for people so that I can truly use SNGWiz. I did a little bit of studying last night and felt that went alright as well. I will probably do the bulk of my studying on Wed so imma try to at least study 2-3 hrs to make sure that my game is improving. I know this post sucks because I don't know what the meaning of paragraphs is but hey at least I updated the blog.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Live Donkament and Staking Deal

Last night I played in this tournament at the Muckleshoot Casino. The structure is good and you get 10k in starting chips blinds start @ 50/100 and they double after every 15 minutes. With that being said I didn't get off to a great start and really was crippled at the table due to other people raising etc before I was in a pot and not catching any hands. So I hung around and right before break I played a hand at the 200/400 level where I raised to 1200 w/99 from UTG and then the SB ships on me and I fold because I see that I will have what I started with left and no need to race and pick a better spot. He flipped over AK which I would of been in a race but its a good fold I think. After break, I shoved a couple of times and then came the hand that knocked me out. I had two limpers in front of me and in late position I have JJ and I ship for like 10k when the blinds are 750/1500 and I get one caller and he has AQ. Q on the flop gg me. Nothing tilts me to more end that limp callers and it sucked I went out like that because I would of been punishing the rest of the field with my stack. Besides thats the second time AQ has taken me out of a live tournament last time it was 99 vs AQ.

When talking to someone about my tournie play in the 12's I see that I am at best probably around a break even player. I have a smaller sample size >250 but <500 but I still can see where this conclusion can be made. I have been offered a type of staking/coaching deal and I think I will take it. I won't put any names on this blog or the deal structure but the guy is really good and I feel like it will benefit me greatly. I think I am going to go ahead with the deal so I can up my game because I can't stand to be grinding to be break even. I don't even make enough fpp's to make it worthwhile if that was the case so we will see. As things materialize more I will talk about it on the blog. Well till next time!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Update

Well this is what everyone has been waiting on a new freaking update. Sorry about the lack of updates recently and I really do promise not to keep the updates so far apart in the future. I guess I will start off with a little bit of poker. I haven't put in the volume like I am supposed to but up close to like $300 this month. Although, I don't think I can tell that much because I have been wasting some money trying to qualify for the PCA. I want to qualify for a live tournament so bad I can taste it. I think I am going to stop doing the steps and do more of the donakment sats into the bigger sats. For some reason, I keep losing races at key points in the steps and they really do suck. Everytime I stick it in with like JJ vs AQ I think positive and feel like I will win the hand but of course the flop comes out and my hand is no good. Another ridiculous trend is getting two outed on the river which really sux. Oh well I keep telling myself that I am need to get SNGWiz to start doing more studying and stuff and I keep putting it off. I guess I am still a man of excuses but hey I am working on getting better one step at a time. I look forward to studying a lot more and making more money because I feel like I do have an edge in these games.

This past Monday night I had some coworkers over for Monday Night Football where my Denver Broncos were playing the New England Cheatriots. Well that did not go according to plan @ all. I spent all that money on food and liquor for people to come over and watch my team play like a bunch of scrubs. I swear we have the absolute worst defense in the NFL and we might be one of the biggest pretenders as division leaders in the AFC West. It sucks because the Chargers always get hot in the second half of the season and I am really concerned about them oh well. At the party the game ended up getting turned off early and basically it turned into a poker game. So even though my team lost, I still managed to win some money in poker to help me feel a little bit better. I just hate when my team does that to me because I feel like they are a representation of my city and they are doing a pitiful job right now. I would like to send a shout out to KJK for hooking up the order for the chicken platter and potato wedges which was a lot better than the pizza idea.

For the rest of the month I am going to try to put in a lot more volume and bigger sessions because I still wanna see how much I can make this month. I know its not as good to set monetary goals but I just want something to strive for. If I don't reach it but feel like I played well for the month I will be happy. On a positive note I am happy that I have reached my goal of SilverStar for the month and next month I might try go crazy and see if I can reach GoldStar so we will see what happens.

FIFA 2009 for the xbox360 hast to be the most awesome game right now. They made sooooooo many improvements and the game is so much fun. I have fun playing my friends and played a 2+2er on there the other day so that was a lot of fun. I look forward to playing more and getting better whenever TheLipoFund gets his xbox live and FIFA he can come see me and feel the pain as well. The only problem with this is that FIFA has kind of been killing my volume this month because I wanna play that instead of poker but I know that FIFA won't get me paid. My time is precious when I get off of work so I really need to keep my hours of FIFA down and make sure that I focus on playing/studying poker.

As far as life, everything is going alright right now. I swear it seems like my other friends that blog about going through times where they are not motivated to play poker and other things in general. For me, I think it is hard for me to motivate myself to come to work in this cubicle every single day. Don't get me wrong, I know that I am blessed and fortunate to have a job with this state of the economy but I guess I know its not what I want to do for the rest of my life. Sometimes I feel like I am a little bit of a whiny bitch about work and everything but oh well I find ways to keep myself motivated. This is another reason why I play poker because it gives me something to look forward to when I get off of work. There is nothing better than coming off of work and having a ballar session. Speaking of which I feel a heater coming on soon and I am going to be thinking very positive. Once again sorry for the long break in between post and now I realize that I need to post more so that I will not have to write a freaking novel the next time I post. Thanks for keeping me on my toes about the update Vers and Reasons14 good luck to all my readers and I hope your lives are great.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Decent Sunday Volume

I put in a decent amount of volume in on Sunday even though it was not a winning session. I 9-tabled continuously for about 3 hrs and finished down $100 ish. It also did not help that I accidentally signed up for a $25 tournament and a $60 tournament which I was lucky to unregister from. This was all caused by me loading tables and not looking what tab I was under but oh well. I think I should of finished the session up more but I got pwned at final tables. I was shoving very wide on the button to pick up some chips because I was short at the final tables. I think I got knocked out of like 3-4 final tables in like 5 mins. Its never good when your shoves run into KK, 99, and another hand I don't remember oh well.

However I just noticed one of my major leaks are. It seems like I am leading out too much with my top pair weak kicker in multi way pots and it seemed like I was always getting raised yesterday. I think I am going to change my line up and just check-call one street instead of leading out and getting raised and then folding which sux. Oh well hopefully I can do well this month and I look forward to earning a lot of GUAC!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September Results October Goals

Well I bossed up last night and finally finished up the month. I completed my goal of being a SilverStar for another month but financially didn't meet my goals. When I looked at PT before I went to work this morning it said that I made around $630. I was running alright in my $6.50's with around a 27% ROI but ran absolutely terrible in the $12's, small sample size like 22 and like a -90% ROI or something like that. Not to mention that I haven't had a cash in a big donkament since I won over $200 in a $2 tournament a while ago. I am just hoping that I will get a big score in a donkament one of these days and I know it will feel so rewarding. Besides that I really can't complain about the month and my results. I mean whenever you are making money it should be a good month.

As for October, I am going to be mixing in $12's while playing the $6.50's. I think with my bankroll at $2,246 it should be enough to play off of. If I run real bad and get down to like $1500 I will go ahead and move back down and try to grind it back up. I really hope that I run good in the $12's because I feel like I am a good enough player to play at those stakes and be successful. This month I am going to try to do more studying especially with regards ICM in 45 man tournaments so I might have to boss up and pay for SNGPT. I have SNGWiz now but it is acting kind of screwy so hopefully I will be able to keep using that. When I get home I will go ahead and post some graphs etc for the month. But as of concrete goal I want to play 600 tournaments and will shoot for a 1k month again. This should be fairly easy especially if I run well in the $12's. I also want to make SilverStar again this month so that is another goal. However, I tam thinking about buying a 24" monitor so I can start putting more volume in. Well thats all I got for now.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Of course as you guys probably know I am not SilverStar status yet on pokerstar but will easily get there when I get off of work today. I only need 23 vpp to get there and I didn't feel like grinding it out yesterday I was kind of sleepy. Yesterday after work I just watched Monday Night Football and after that played like a total of 12 games. I was going to keep loading tournaments but I was feeling sleepy so that is that. Besides that life is good and looking forward to posting graphs for my monthly results this month. I would also like to thank vers out for being so helpful to me and extending some resources to me.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Recent Life

Well I am sitting at my desk not too happy about a lot of things so I felt compelled to right about them. First of all I want to talk about the news that the Jacksonville Jags player Richard Collier got shot 14 times, go one leg amputated, and is paralyzed from the waist down. Needless to say that his NFL career is over I get so sick of hearing this stuff in the black community. A guy has a little money from playing in the NFL and now turns into a target so sad. All he was doing was trying to talk to some females after the club and then his car got lit up by bullets. My heart and prayer goes out to his family and his continual recovery. Now the next thing that is on my mind is the great ole USA. WTF are these clowns doing that we heave elected into office. We are in one of the biggest financial crisis's ever and people are more worried about politics. WTF you mean that you are not gonna vote for the bailout because you are worried about being elected. Hey here is a smart idea how about we do absolutely nothing and see what happens to the economy. I am not too happy that we have to bail these clowns out but I admit that it is so necessary. If we don't bail these companies out there is no telling wtf is going to happen to this economy. I mean I wish I can get my money back when going All in foolishly, like this past Thursday sigh, but that is not how the world works. As far as poker, I didn't play that much at all this weekend and need to put some volume in on Mon and Tue to assure myself SilverStar status for two months in a row. I made a little over $600 this month which is not too shabby but I need to finish off strong and get this promotion. On another note due to my terrible decision on Thursday where I went all in w/AA very deep on a low flop, knowing this clown flopped a set, I will be out of the casino until Oct 16 when I get paid two more times. Hopefully the next couple of weeks I can just focus on putting in volume on stars even though I know the live games are filled with donkeys. Oh well thats all I have now and I can't wait until another hour where I can go home and get the HELL out of the cubicle.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Live Poker + Man Of Excuses

Well, I haven't really updated my blog because I have been playing live poker at the Muckleshoot Casino. I was playing some $1/2 spread limit which is the equivalent to No Limit but now I am playing $3/5 spread. I feel like I have an edge on these games and definitely feel like they are very profitable and will help me in general in my poker game. I was donking off money on the $1/$2 after losing the biggest pot of my life. I had called a raise with KQ flopped the nuts and got my money in with four other people with the best hand at the time. Another, guy had a straight like me, one guy had a set of J and another guy I dunno wtf he had. Well, the T ball hit on the river filling the guy with the set up and I felt like such a scrub. After that I pulled out more money which was a no no because I played like dog ass because I was so on tilt oh well. I went back the next day and won money back and then some so its not that bad. I need to get in the habit of not going on tilt after taking a beat like that live. I am usually good about it online because I am seeing so many hands but live I am really working on it. After losing a big pot from now on I am gonna just take a couple of deep breaths clear my mind and let it go maybe even take like a 5min break. I am going to try to go the casino at least 2-3x a week while still trying to keep the same volume that I am playing online. Now that I typed this I probably will only go 2x a week so that I can maintain my online volume. In terms of playing online, I am doing alright this month I have made in between $400-$500 this month running at around 25-30% ROI which is what sharkscope is telling me right now.

On another note, I was absolutely getting flamed by one of my friends and she told me that I am a man of excuses. Well the sad part about it is that I think she is right. This is definitely a growing trend that I need to fix. I am real quick to say I will do x, y, and z but when I do x and z but not y I will come up with some excuse of why I didn't do it. Well the days of that are over and I am trying to do something about it. I am 24 years old now and need to start growing up I guess. To do this I think that I need to establish a schedule. Sigh, I am so against schedules and like to go with the flow but the truth is, I think that it is hurting me and definitely become -ev. I need some structure in my day to not only help me maximize my day, but to know how much time I have to work with doing the day. So I need to sit down tonight and figure out something. I know I want to workout at least 3-4x a week which is also +ev. Right now I weigh 212 and I really wanna get my weight down to under 200 probably around 185-190. I mean I have always been on the bigger side because I played offensive line so I was upwards to like 250 in high school. But, I just want a change for myself.

Anyways thats all I have on this post look forwards to more updates in the future.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poker, Football, and FIFA 09

Poker was going good until last night. I decided to take a shot and mix in some $11+1 and ran like absolute crap on all of them. It seemed like I was doing alright at the $6.50's and was getting crushed in the $12's. It also didn't help that I was checking to see what lobby I busted out from to load up the right tournament. Oh well next time I won't do this and just run a session with just $12's. My plan now is to grind back up till I get a little bit above 2k in the roll and then take the shot again. I guess you can't run as smooth as butter when you move up all the time.

Words cannot explain how excited I am about the football season starting. It seems like I was just waiting and waiting and now it is finally here. The Broncos did not let me down on Monday night and kicked the living dog piss out of the Jokeland Raiders. It was also comforting to see how well our passing game looked without our number one receiver Brandon Marshall. Eddie Royal looked really good and I am looking forward to seeing how dangerous our offense is this year. However I thought the game was a little misleading and still want to see improvement in special teams and the run game. I am very excited for the Broncos vs. Chargers game this season because we owe that punk Phillip Rivers a little payback.

This morning I left my xbox 360 on and when I go home I get to play FIFA '09 demo. Even though the demo is only 2x2 halves, which actually sucks balls, I am waiting to see how much they improved on the game from '08. I am pretty sure I won't be disappointed and can't wait to get home to play it which happens in about a half hour.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Short Post

This is only a short post before I update later on tonight. Running great on PokerStars. Giving too many live donkeys credit in $1/$2 NLHE and making crazy tight folds, well only maybe one fold but it was an alright sized pot. So excited for the NFL to start I want the Broncos to win on Monday and my Fantasy Football team to crush! And oh yeah great job NOLES FSU FSU!

Monday, September 1, 2008

August Results & Bday

Well even though I am the ripe old age of 24 now I will talk about what went on in terms of my month on pokerstars first. The month pretty much sucked but thats alright I am still happy with it. I had some specific goals set and even though I didn't reach all of them I feel like I landed on a star, no pun intended, even though I shot for the moon. My first goal was to make another 1k this month. Well, that did not go exactly as planned at all. I started off the month pretty bad. I was in a downswing before I went to Las Vegas and when I got back I was still on a downswing. This whole month it felt like I was in a big race to get back to even. I was down as much as like $350 is at one point but managed to maintain volume and ended up making $154. I mean yes the amount is meager but I really learned a lot about myself this month. I was proud of my determination and not quitting and putting in no volume like I normally do. It was so bad I was just absolutely getting pwned the whole month but oh well. I also said that I wanted to reach SilverStar vip status and accomplished that as well. Like I said earlier all in all I am pleased with this month just because it built some character.

On my birthday I was a complete degen and spent the whole day in the casino. I know you guys are going to be like wtf is wrong with this clown but I dunno it just happened. When I first arrived at the Muckleshoot casino I was going to just play the tournament and maybe some $1/$2 spread limit which is the equivalent to no limit. In WA the laws are set so the max bet is $500. Well, I ended up showing up later for the tournament and not getting in so I put my name on the interest list for $1/$2. The table never opened but there was a $3/$5 spread limit game about to start. I was like well I might as well take a shot. Bam I end up buying in for $400 and ended up losing that. Mostly because I didn't learn anything from Vegas and had QQ run into KK again preflop. Oh well now I really know what to do with this hand and adjust accordingly never again. So I went and bought back in for another $200 and proceeded to lose that. I mean I thought I was playing good and the game was good. So I was like alright this is my last $200 I am going to buy in for. Well right when I sit back down I ended up doubling up with J9 and got very lucky because my opponent had QJ and the flop was JJx so I def got lucky on the turn with the 9 ball SHIP IT. From then on I just continued to play and get outplayed. There was a guy there who was a good player and jumped on me EVERY time he smelt weakness. There were a lost of times where I would check on the river for pot control and just call a bet but then he would put a ridiculous bet on the river and made me fold. I mean some of the folds I was making were bad but looking at the situations I dunno how else I could have played him. I mean the guy was good and he just outplayed me straight up. Well to not get too off topic I ended up making it to like $650 and won high hand for the hour for like $250 with AQQQQ so I actually made money even though I was in the casino from 11am to 2am. I mean I broke a lot of rules in terms of stakes and taking the shot but it was def a learning experience and feel like I am a better player for it. Either way it is kind of embarrassing I spent my whole day in the casino but it was a great learning experience and had a good time. Here are some pics from the month results.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekly Blog

It has been almost a week since my last update so I felt it was necessary to update my blog. I am running a lot better from when the doomswitch hit me on pokerstars. Downswings are the absolute worst they making you question everything about your game. I was thinking about how maybe it was a bad shove here or misplayed hand there but it was just natural variance. The downswing had some effect on my life too. I mean I wasn't out there slappin chicks and being grumpy but I could tell that I was not my normal self. Oh well that is all in the past and now I am actually up on the month. Its funny because even with my large downswing I have still made more this month than I did when I was playing the single table tournaments.

This weekend was busy but not so busy. On Friday I decided to stay in and grind online. Even though I didn't think I would be able to, it looks like I will be able to hit SilverStar before the end of this month so that is also good. On Saturday I ended up going to a MMA Fighting event. It wasn't pro or anything but there were a total of 13 fights on the card from various skills and various types of fighting. The mixed in some MMA, kickboxing, and regular boxing. All in all it was a good time and got to see some people get choked/knocked out. Big ups to Javon Curtis for winning his fight, I know he is not reading this but he still deserves his props.

The rest of the week I will be trying to reach SilverStar while actually going to the gym. I worked out 2x last week and thought that it was a decent start even though I only went twice. On a side note only 6 more days until I am 24 years old. Yikes but at least I am not dead or in jail like the majority of blacks in America :-(. I just want to make it to 25 so I won't be a statistic. Till next time!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Running Terrible

Right now I am running the opposite of Usain Bolt. If you don't know who that is that is the Jamaican that won the 100m in the Olympics. This guy slowed down at the end of the race and actually broke the world record. Anyways, I need to figure out what is going on with my game. My initial reaction is telling me variance because I am down around like 60 bi's. It seemed like I was coming over the hump a little but I still lost. I will probably get a coaching session, look over hands, and have some people sweat me to make sure that my game is not falling off. Oh well, this has been one of the main reasons why I have not posted because I have not been running too great and its kinda frustrating. At first when I was going through the downswing I knew it was bad but not that bad until I looked at sharkscope. I am sure I can get over this hump and not really tripping but I can see that it does start to affect you a little. Oh well at least I get to sit in this cube for 8 hrs sigh. Till next time!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vegas Trip + Life + Finances + Madden 09 = Long Post

First of all, I would like to give a shout out to my boys O, Pat, J B, T Rob, and Spur for actually reading my blog. Apparently they had sent a little e-mail with my site address on there and then proceeded to try to clown me. It was pretty funny to me but I know they wish me a lot of success.

Las Vegas was a real good time and I hope to go back before the end of the year. Its a totally different experience that I will never forget. The whole trip I accomplished what I wanted to in the terms of drinking and playing poker. However, while I was accomplishing this I realized that I could never ever EVER live in Las Vegas. The whole trip I though I was under a rock because I was trying to grind out the cash games. It was real funny but kind of sad because of the way I was hearing news. Before I left, I got a call and found out that Bernie Mac died which is kind of messed up. The next day I was playing poker and someone was saying that Isaac Hayes had died I was like no way WTF. As a black man I think I would know things but Las Vegas had jacked me up so much that I didn't know what was going on outside of the casino.

I didn't run the greatest out in Las Vegas but it was always good to see where my game is at. I really see that cash games are so much of a different beast than tournaments and had to pay for that kind of bad a couple of times. There were probably three bad calls I feel I made over the trip playing which is fine by me seeing as I think I played around 24 hrs over the whole trip. I think the estimate was right because you get like $1/hr on the players card and had enough to get two $7 sandwiches comped then had like $10 left. One of these times is when I had QQ and the pot was raised by someone I re-raised and the guy called to put himself all in. The funny thing about it is how long the guy took to call and he showed KK. I was like how are you ever folding in that spot. At the same time I feel that since he was an unknown that I was never folding this hand. Another time I ended going broke again QQ but it was later on in the evening where the games were a lot better. UTG I raise it up to $10 w/QQ, guess I should of made it a lot more and got 7 yes 7 callers. The flop came up with A high with two diamonds. I ended up checking and then it gets to this Dubai'n cat that bet like 75% of the pot. Everyone folded and it gets back to me and I try to get a live tell. Initially I was going to fold but the way the guy really couldn't look me in the eye I really though I had the best had. I reshipped on him and he shows AT. I was kind of mad the way I played that hand and he said that if I would have open shoved or made the shove quicker he would have folded. Later on, I was talking to him and he said he knew I was a good player and that a I would never check and A with two diamonds on the board in that position. I was like wow that is a good point. After that hand I ended up getting lucky against a Swedish guy who opened up $6 UTG everyone folded I call with ATo. The flop came out T59 rainbow. He leads out I call. The turn is an A giving me two pair he leads out again and I insta ship on him. Thank goodness the T fell on the river because he said that he got a set on the flop so I got lucky there. My last hand I got extremely lucky is when I flopped bottom set and did not go broke. I ended up limping w/ 66 and other people limped to make it a 4 way pot. The flop comes out K69 with two clubs on there. I lead out a little under the pot the guy calls. The turn is a black so I lead out again and this time the guy raises me and I was like this is a great situation but then something clicked with me I was like something doesn't feel right for some reason. The river comes a Jh and I check to him partially because I was a little confused I felt like something was up. The guy bets and I just call it down not re raising me. He shows 99 and he proceeds to compliment me on how I don't go busto in that situation. Needless to say I got lucky I didn't stack off right there but something in me told me to hold on. I know I really need to work on my poker stories and telling them with all the action but its kind of funny with me. I got so in the heat of the moment that it gets hard for me to remember specifics. I mean sure I remember specifics during the session but often times than not I forget about hands after the session. Early on that morning though I was playing with an absolute clown. This guy was always making remarks because I was wearing some plaid shorts. He kept saying "Plaid is in?" and I guess it was an inside joke he said with his buddies which was ok. I let it go on for a little bit but then my blackness kicked in and I couldn't take it anymore. I proceeded to roast him for like 5 minutes. I called the guy Mr. Oppie, was cracking on his Yankees camo hat when I told him to take his GI Joe hat off, and then some other guy joined in and was saying "Camo is in?" I then proceeded to let him know that camo has not been in since those No Limit Master P videos. It was a funny time and even funnier when I flopped a set of Kings and stacked his garbage playing self.

Tournament wise I only played the Planet Hollywood one once. It was an $80 buy in and you could rebuy for the first hour if you got busted. The tournament structure was good but the field was very small. Around like 20 people and it was my fault because I was going to play the night before but I got too drunk and passed out more on that later. Basically I was just cruising until the blinds hit the 200/400 level. It was right after break and I was still getting my massage at $2 minute and she threw in 5 minutes for free. Basically it was like $20 fur 15 minutes which didn't seem too bad to me. Anyways, the guy in late position ended up limping and I had around 13bb w/99 obviously I ship he calls with AQ I lose the flip gg me. I guess the massage helped me not take the beat that bad but obv I knew I just lost a flip. I wish I could have played more tournies but all in all it was fun when I played that one.

Now on to some life realizations and about my finances. I felt like I did a terrible job of managing my bank roll in Las Vegas. I initially pulled out money that I was going to spend the whole time I was in Vegas. Well that definitely didn't go according to plan the night were I said I got drunk and passed out. I was pretty pissed and ended up pulling out $200 from the ATM because I was kind of pissed but still wanted to play. First of all I don't like playing when I am drunk and I was drinking all day. Secondly I was mad at myself for taking the $200 out because I am usually good with my finances and level headed but on this occasion I let Las Vegas get to my head. I mean by no means am I broke and can't got w/o eating but it was just very undisciplined. The whole trip I really didn't see my friends that much unless we were eating or drinking up in the room. This is because they love to play the pit games and I am not that big of a fan of them @ all. I felt like my trip in poker I was either break even or up a little which I can complain about. But, I can complain about blowing away my money on those other stupid games. Playing craps or Blackjack is such a leak imo and I won't be playing these games that much ever again. I definitely realized how much I hated these games when I proceeded to lose $160 in Blackjack in the wee hours of Tuesday morning like @ 3am. I was thinking to myself how much I hated the game and was watching the house just rape me and take my money. This is when I realized that I hate all gambling besides poker and an occasional sports bet. Then I started to think about why people have the negative perception of gamblers and it was me at that moment of time. I can only imagine how people who have problems and don't know how to stop just sit there and blow there lives away at the BJ table or rolling craps. But hey, this is how life is. After I ended up losing the money I ended up eating the cheapo steak dinner at like 4am in the morning at Excalibur. It was a good chance to talk to my buddy JP and catch up with him. Even though he was drinking the whole day and I was kind of faded too it was a good conversation. I was just trying to get some perspective on how other people save their money and from what he was telling me he has done a great job. So, I have vowed to make a change in my life and handle my finances more. I need to be saving a lot more than what I am right now but thats alright. Especially to avoid situations like this weekend. I should be separating my savings from my spending instead of the current way I am doing it. Right now I have a savings account that takes out money every week but I should be saving more. I always thought I was real good about must managing my money in my checking account but I am going to have to switch up my style to make sure that I see in my bank account that there is a reason that I am waking up M-F going to this cubicle and working for a reason.

When I got back to Seattle, the first thing I did was call my boy O up and he was talking about the new Madden 09 on the Xbox 360 and I just had to go grab it. It might of been another financially dumb move but hey it was well worth it. I really like the way the game plays, looks, just everything about the game. I proceeded to play him online to rack up my first win on him which was pretty cool. I grabbed one of the interns and we played some more games and I ended up winning some more games. My record so far in total competition 5-3 so not a bad start. Even though I have the new Madden, I need to focus on accomplishing my poker goals and making sure that I put my volume in online instead of playing a game that doesn't pay. I mean Madden is fun and all but I often times fall off my goals when a new video game comes out.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the super long post. I had a lot to write about and don't know how long it has taken but I think that I have said everything I have wanted to. I may have been too lazy to include some more stories but by that time this post would be WAAAAAAY to long seeing as this one is too long. I hope to get back playing online and being profitable. When I get bored I will be mixing in some $0.05/$0.10 FR NLHE to keep my game on point. To all my buddies having problems with life, poker, and ladies let that stuff go. You only live once so you guys need to start making yourself happy. Of course its easy for me to say these things because I am not going through anything but always remember MOB (Money Over Bitches) :-D!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Running Terrible & Vegas

Well, I am not gonna lie and tell you I am on a heater but I have been running kind of bad. Even though it is a small sample I am definitely down in the month of August. I played a lot yesterday to try to get back on track to get SilverStar and was getting destroyed. Sometimes it was due to me making stupid calls for my chip stacks so I gotta be really focused and need to tighten up my game. I definitely found out the hard way about calling on the bubble with 44 :-s. There were a couple of times I was at the final table and didn't finish as high as I wanted to. I think I might only have like one 45 man win this month but could be exaggerating really bad. Hopefully it won't take me long to clear the turbulence and get back to crushing. I think I might go over some hands and study when I get back to make sure I am back on track.

On a side note I am really excited to go to Las Vegas this weekend. I plan on playing the tournament at Planet Hollywood @ least twice because it is the most bang for my buck. I will dibble and dabble in some $1/$2 so that should be good as well. I am just ready to get out of Seattle but specifically this cubicle for a couple of days. I really miss college because you have your own schedule and you do what you want during the day. Now I am relegated to work for "The Man" for 40 hrs a week but oh well. I will post some stuff with results and fun stories when I get back. Wish me luck!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Ship The 1k Month

Well I actually was able to secure my first every 1k month of playing poker. I was hoping I would actually significantly crack the 1k mark but I didn't run the greatest the past couple of days and had to settle for $1,001.37. Although I am mildly complaining, I will take it seeing that it is my most profitable month of playing poker. I really hope that this mark doesn't spoil me and maybe I just ran insanely good but honestly I fell like I can do even better next month. The first session I played yesterday was for like 3 hrs and really couldn't get anything going probably down a little or break even. Then I pulled up my pokertracker and saw that I was short of 1k so I played untill I got it just above it. One hand that really made me kind of mad was at the final table when I finished 8th. A bigger stack that had me covered went all in and I called with AKs and he had J3o. I lost to a straight on the river so that would have put me up closer to 1.1k because I would have had a lot of chips and think I would have won the tournament. It also didn't help that my friend Byron, who I have known since 3rd grade, was in town so I didn't want to be rude and play poker while he was here.

Man its kind of crazy to think about how long we have known each other. He was basically the first person I met when I moved to Denver, CO in the 3rd grade. It's always funny that I say 3rd grade and never remember the actual year that I moved into Denver,CO. Oh well, we were just playing xbox 360, watching movies, and clowning about old times. When we were talking about stuff when we were growing up it was kind of funny because it lets you know how long you have known each other for. It's always good to see Byron and we have a blast whenever we get together.

Below are the graphs for the month of July. The low volume on some tournaments is because I accidentally registered for them and decided to play them out. Earlier in the month I was also trying the $3/18 but didn't like them all that much. I would also accidentally load regular speed $5/45 man and those are terrible because they take so long to complete but oh well.
I have also figured out my goals for this upcoming month. I plan on reaching SilverStar VIP status for the month of August. Normally this wouldn't be this hard but, I will be going to Vegas for like 3 days so that might hurt me a little bit. With working full time, I have to play whenever I get free time so that I can reach this goal. Beside that, I plan on making at least $1k next month. Hopefully next month I will be talking about how I made 2k and that is my biggest month. Till then be easy!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Playing Well Running Well

Well I fell off a little bit by not keeping the blog updated but I will try to do so at least twice a week. I have been running normally again and my bankroll is real close to moving up to the $12 right now I am sitting under $50 from $1500. Yesterday I played around 20 tournaments and did good but unfortunately no 1st or 2nd place finishes. Mostly like 3rd-6th but I will take it how I can. I ended up a little more than $100 so I will take it. I really completely bitched up at the final table and folded a hand when I was not thinking on. This is weird because it was the first time that this has happened and I was thinking about cashing for some reason oh well. Fortunately for me, a better spot came across and I shoved over a guys limp with AJ and he called me with QJ so I was pretty happy. Overall though I think I should have done a little better but I had QQ run into KK and AA cracked by KT when a guy caught running cards for a straight oh well. I really am enjoying playing and seeing my game take off is great. It is really funny to look at my sharkschope graph by month results and see how this month smashes all previous ones because this has been a 1k month for me thus far. Not bad for a part time gig I guess.

I am really getting excited because August 9th-12th I will be going to Las Vegas for the first time in my life. I just know I am going to have a blast and already have my eye on the prize. The whole trip will be nothing but drinking and poker but hey thats how it goes down in Las Vegas. I will probably play one or two tournaments but will focus my energy on $1/$2 cash games. Hopefully I can make some money there which I am very confident about. That means I need to hurry up and finish reading Harrington on Cash Games Vol 1. My next update will be on Thursday where I will put up some stats for the month.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Heater Over

Well, my heater is finally over. I can't really say that I am even that angry as it makes me hungrier to get out of the variance patch. During my heater I think I was playing good but also getting extremely lucky. I didn't play as much as I should have this weekend because I actually decided to do some stuff on the weekend. On Friday I saw The Dark Knight and I really think it is the must see movie of the summer. Heath Ledger did a very good job of playing the joker and the movie always had you thinking about what would happen next. Saturday, I just ended up going to this NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) bbq in Bellevue and then being an old man and felling asleep early. This weekend is pretty wide open besides Wednesday so I will end up playing a lot this week and weekend. I am noticing that I have some small leaks in my game during late game with my shoves so I am trying to fix that. I feel like sometimes I am getting too shove happy and playing too fast instead of calming down really thinking about each situation. At the same time, I don't want to tighten myself up where I get to the final table short. I am also working on better analyzing and thinking ahead on streets during hands. I hear it all the time on Cash Plays with Bart Hanson and other people have said it but I am really going to try to up the level on this. I think doing these things will not only make me more successful in SNG's but in poker in general. I am hopping that I will be able to move up to the $12's by the beginning of the month and that is the goal that I am shooting for right now. Looking forward to more success and showing you guys some graphs at the end of the month, that is if anyone really reads my blog :-p.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

$1k In Bankroll


Hello wbmustang,

We have received your Western Union transfer in the amount of $75.00.
The funds have been deposited into your 'wbmustang' account.

The e-mail that kind of changed my life. It has almost been a year later but I have now turned that $75 to $1k. I know a lot of people are gonna be like he is bragging about the 1k mark thats nothing. Well, it is something to me and I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could really run it up to that. When I first started I was kind of care free and playing just to play. I rarely read anything and did any stuff on 2+2. A year later I really can see that my game has gotten so much better and I feel like I have a lot of room for improvement. I normally won't be posting twice in one day but this was kind of a nice achievement for me so I decided to write about it. Now all I have to do is keep running it up and actually try to reach SilverStar status this month or in August.


First Big Purchase

Well, I finally broke down and made my first official big purchase since I have worked for Boeing. For some reason I can be a total nit about saving money then out of nowhere I feel like I have to buy something. I have done my research and decided to byy the 42" Vizio VS42LF 1080p TV. I was looking around and it seems like Vizio will give me the most bang for my buck. On all of the forums they say that the tv is very good and the color and clarity is comparable to upper brand tv's like Pannosonic and Samsung in side by side testing. Although I haven't even really seen the TV in person, I feel that I have actually done enough research and looked around enough to make it the correct purchase.

As for poker, I have been putting in some volume but nothing hardcore. I am still trying to figure out what type of schedule I need to run to accommodate my life. I have come to the conclusion that I want to play at least 20 hrs a week but need to figure out how to utilize all the time in one day. Its really hard for me to do thing because after work I just wanna sit at home and relax. I am cramped up in that cube/factory all day long and feel like an uncaged animal after I get off of work. Maybe that is a little extreme but, I would rather be doing something else besides working 8 hrs a day. Either way, I am pretty happy about my play as of late and just need to hit a little bit of a hot streak. It seems like when I play there are times right before the final table where either one of three things happen. Either I get sucked out on when I am a huge favorite and get crippled and then bust, lose a coin flip and then best, or run one of my shoves into a big pocket pair and get smacked in the face and then bust. I dunno maybe I am being stupid and actually not realizing that thats poker and thats the life for the 45 man sngs. I moved up to the $6.50's and have a 16% ROI over 34 games so obviously I have some work to do. Right now I am really happy that I have switched from STT's to MTT's because I already see that they are way more profitable.


Monday, July 14, 2008

First Blog Post

Well I can't believe I have actually broken down and started my own blog. At first I was really skeptical about the whole blog thing but now I realized that I hold way too much inside of myself and need to start writing or I will blow up on somebody. Probably not but it is always good to express yourself so I am going to start using this blog to do just that. I would like to thank Vers and TheLipoFund for giving me extra motivation to start a blog. I usually read their blogs and I was like I might as well start writing about life and poker so here it is. I would also like to thanks those guys that I just mentioned plus a guy Reasons14 for helping me with my poker game. They are always there to help me out as I continue on my journey as a poker player. It was especially hard to break down and ask Reasons to help me out with a little coaching. I am usually a prideful guy and don't ask for much help but boy have I learned a lot that I would not have on my own. It has also given me confidence to just talk to people about poker and how they think I play things as well. The crazy thing about it is at 23 years old I thought I knew a lot but all the guys I have mentioned are like 3-4 years younger than me and have so much poker knowledge its sick. It really puts thing in perspective that it really doesn't matter how old someone is you never know what knowledge they hold. Before starting up my blogspot I played some poker today for a couple of hours I think I am up like $30 so for two hours thats not too shabby. Well even though this first post was a scattered wreck it has come to conclusion and now I must go grab something to eat. BTW on a side note Tiffany 'Hot Chips' Michelle has been eliminated from the WSOP 2008 Main Event :-(!