Friday, June 4, 2010

Jadakiss - Allergic to Losing

May Results

May went fairly well but I am a little disappointed in my volume. I believe I have some excuses for not hitting my 1k games but I still need to finally get to 1k games played. I was honestly surprised I got in 804 games but I know there were times where I could of grinded and just didn't. It's tough though I mean I had a lot of homework to do last month, I traveled to Philly and Tampa in back to back weeks. I just flat out got tired on the days that I didn't grind. I was just so worn out I would just come home lay on the couch and just pass out. I will do a better job in time management so I don't run myself into the ground.

I am really happy with the way I am playing atm. It seems like when things are going well and everything is clicking there is no thinking involved. I mean yes I think about stack sizes, who is shoving, ranges, etc. but my decisions seem to be so cut and dry which is a good thing. I remember when I started 180's and how lost I felt at some of the stages in the tournament due to not being familiar with the blind structure. I am also pretty proud of myself with my improvement in post flop play. Yes I still do retarded things from time to time but it seems like I am getting better with my post flop play and hand reading. I could have accelerated this process by playing a lot of HU SNG but I guess I was a combination of lazy and stubborn. I mean when I grind I want to play my main game and just hard to step out and load some HU SNG's. Even though they take little to no time sigh.

Other than that I am pretty happy with my progress in the push up bet. I am current on Week 2 and about to do my day 3. Technically this is my third week but I repeated week 1 since I struggled towards the end of the week. I hope this is the tipping point to get myself going and working out more. I will post my goals for the month of June after class tonight. Sigh yes class is starting again and I won't get a chance to grind tonight or Saturday. It is what it is I know it is for a good cause.

On a side note though bit shout out to Alex "msusyr24" Carr. Damn why all the good players gotta be named Alex. Anyways he got 22nd in Event 5 $1500 NLHE. I know he is disappointed that he didn't final table and win, because that is what we all play for, but it is a good start to his series. I know he is going to follow it up with more results in the future. That is one thing I def need to figure out is when I am going to visit Vegas for my weekend trip during the series. I am a little disappointed because I said that I would play in the series this year but tbh I just don't have the paid time off to do it. Oh well next year. Below are my results and till next time be easy and good luck on the felt. Oh yeah one more last thing that Drake Thank Me Later is fire if you don't have it go get it. I don't pay for music normally and probably will purchase this album.