Friday, October 31, 2008

Sigh Variance

It seems like PokerStars is racist obv cuz I am still on the doomswitch. Obv I am j/k but it sux when you feel and know that you are playing so well to not get rewarded. Yesterday I played a small little set after flag football practice was left feeling a little bit unsatisfied. So in my brilliant mind I was like hey I will just stay up for the rest of the night and try to grind make money and hopefully shake the variance. Well, that did not go according to plan and variance was slapping me like Ike was slapping Tina Tuner. I can't tell you how many times I got my money in good to get out drawn. Like JT vs AX you flop two pair and you still lose. Or TT vs K8 and someone hits runner runner 8 on you on the Turn and River it just sux. Overall though I feel like my game is getting sooooooo much better and I am just due. I have been putting in time in reviewing my sessions after I have finished and I am missing less and less shoves. I think now I might only miss like maybe like 1 or 2 shoves in SNGWiz. It just really frustrates me that I am running this way. Of course I hate to complain about how bad I am running etc etc but its so the truth. I feel like I wasted time playing games last night being a small loser when I could of went to sleep and been break even. Now I am sitting at work tired as hell with an energy drink trying to figure out wtf I did it for. Oh well ship the fpp's. I will post my results for the end of the month prob tomm. Right now I am up a little bit under $100 and my ROI for this month is like 5% or something ridic. I might even be a slight loser to the fact I was trying to qualify for the PCA so we will see. Thats enough about me running bad, bitching, and moaning I hope everyone else is on a heater.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sklansky Bux

Played a little bit did a little bit of a coaching/ghosting session and ran absolutely god awful. Even though I am not that big of a winner this month I feel that I am Scrooge McDuck swimming in my Sklansky bucks. I have no doubt in my mind that if I put the effort I need to in studying, playing, and etc. it won't be too long before I start crushing these games. Really don't have anything else just wanted to leave a quick update. I should be putting in more volume towards the end of this week so I will post about a heater (/me prays, crosses fingers, grabs rabbit foot, et all). Hope everyone is doing good.

Monday, October 27, 2008


This weekend went good in terms of poker and life so I really won't be ranting on this post. On Friday I did my first session with my coach. We went over my early game play which is alright cuz its kind of easy for me to be a nit early on in tournaments. As the session went on, I was making good reads and got my money in good everytime just to get murked by PokerStars oh well at least I know I am doing something right. I ended up down on the session but felt good about what I did. Saturday started off kind of bad because my work team lost our flag football game. Although I had a pretty baller half which included a couple of big catches and a one handed TD grab we still lost. Oh well we are a bunch of engineers and now I see why we go to work in this cubicle on M-F. I pretty much chilled out the rest of the day on Saturday and ended up taking it easy kicking it with some coworkers. On Sunday, I decided that I was going to start playing some poker again. At first I wasn't running the best but when my coach started ghosting me I did better and ended up having close to a break even session if not down 1 to 2 buy ins. I think when my coach was ghosting me I saw that my mid/late game needs some work which requires some studying in SNGWiz. I was putting myself in positions where I have like 6bb's which is still a lot of FE and I was just shoving wayyyyyyy to light but I think I got it under control. The mini ghosting/coaching session really opened my eyes as to why we shove instead of just shoving just to be shoving. I am really trying to work on figuring out ranges for people so that I can truly use SNGWiz. I did a little bit of studying last night and felt that went alright as well. I will probably do the bulk of my studying on Wed so imma try to at least study 2-3 hrs to make sure that my game is improving. I know this post sucks because I don't know what the meaning of paragraphs is but hey at least I updated the blog.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Live Donkament and Staking Deal

Last night I played in this tournament at the Muckleshoot Casino. The structure is good and you get 10k in starting chips blinds start @ 50/100 and they double after every 15 minutes. With that being said I didn't get off to a great start and really was crippled at the table due to other people raising etc before I was in a pot and not catching any hands. So I hung around and right before break I played a hand at the 200/400 level where I raised to 1200 w/99 from UTG and then the SB ships on me and I fold because I see that I will have what I started with left and no need to race and pick a better spot. He flipped over AK which I would of been in a race but its a good fold I think. After break, I shoved a couple of times and then came the hand that knocked me out. I had two limpers in front of me and in late position I have JJ and I ship for like 10k when the blinds are 750/1500 and I get one caller and he has AQ. Q on the flop gg me. Nothing tilts me to more end that limp callers and it sucked I went out like that because I would of been punishing the rest of the field with my stack. Besides thats the second time AQ has taken me out of a live tournament last time it was 99 vs AQ.

When talking to someone about my tournie play in the 12's I see that I am at best probably around a break even player. I have a smaller sample size >250 but <500 but I still can see where this conclusion can be made. I have been offered a type of staking/coaching deal and I think I will take it. I won't put any names on this blog or the deal structure but the guy is really good and I feel like it will benefit me greatly. I think I am going to go ahead with the deal so I can up my game because I can't stand to be grinding to be break even. I don't even make enough fpp's to make it worthwhile if that was the case so we will see. As things materialize more I will talk about it on the blog. Well till next time!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Update

Well this is what everyone has been waiting on a new freaking update. Sorry about the lack of updates recently and I really do promise not to keep the updates so far apart in the future. I guess I will start off with a little bit of poker. I haven't put in the volume like I am supposed to but up close to like $300 this month. Although, I don't think I can tell that much because I have been wasting some money trying to qualify for the PCA. I want to qualify for a live tournament so bad I can taste it. I think I am going to stop doing the steps and do more of the donakment sats into the bigger sats. For some reason, I keep losing races at key points in the steps and they really do suck. Everytime I stick it in with like JJ vs AQ I think positive and feel like I will win the hand but of course the flop comes out and my hand is no good. Another ridiculous trend is getting two outed on the river which really sux. Oh well I keep telling myself that I am need to get SNGWiz to start doing more studying and stuff and I keep putting it off. I guess I am still a man of excuses but hey I am working on getting better one step at a time. I look forward to studying a lot more and making more money because I feel like I do have an edge in these games.

This past Monday night I had some coworkers over for Monday Night Football where my Denver Broncos were playing the New England Cheatriots. Well that did not go according to plan @ all. I spent all that money on food and liquor for people to come over and watch my team play like a bunch of scrubs. I swear we have the absolute worst defense in the NFL and we might be one of the biggest pretenders as division leaders in the AFC West. It sucks because the Chargers always get hot in the second half of the season and I am really concerned about them oh well. At the party the game ended up getting turned off early and basically it turned into a poker game. So even though my team lost, I still managed to win some money in poker to help me feel a little bit better. I just hate when my team does that to me because I feel like they are a representation of my city and they are doing a pitiful job right now. I would like to send a shout out to KJK for hooking up the order for the chicken platter and potato wedges which was a lot better than the pizza idea.

For the rest of the month I am going to try to put in a lot more volume and bigger sessions because I still wanna see how much I can make this month. I know its not as good to set monetary goals but I just want something to strive for. If I don't reach it but feel like I played well for the month I will be happy. On a positive note I am happy that I have reached my goal of SilverStar for the month and next month I might try go crazy and see if I can reach GoldStar so we will see what happens.

FIFA 2009 for the xbox360 hast to be the most awesome game right now. They made sooooooo many improvements and the game is so much fun. I have fun playing my friends and played a 2+2er on there the other day so that was a lot of fun. I look forward to playing more and getting better whenever TheLipoFund gets his xbox live and FIFA he can come see me and feel the pain as well. The only problem with this is that FIFA has kind of been killing my volume this month because I wanna play that instead of poker but I know that FIFA won't get me paid. My time is precious when I get off of work so I really need to keep my hours of FIFA down and make sure that I focus on playing/studying poker.

As far as life, everything is going alright right now. I swear it seems like my other friends that blog about going through times where they are not motivated to play poker and other things in general. For me, I think it is hard for me to motivate myself to come to work in this cubicle every single day. Don't get me wrong, I know that I am blessed and fortunate to have a job with this state of the economy but I guess I know its not what I want to do for the rest of my life. Sometimes I feel like I am a little bit of a whiny bitch about work and everything but oh well I find ways to keep myself motivated. This is another reason why I play poker because it gives me something to look forward to when I get off of work. There is nothing better than coming off of work and having a ballar session. Speaking of which I feel a heater coming on soon and I am going to be thinking very positive. Once again sorry for the long break in between post and now I realize that I need to post more so that I will not have to write a freaking novel the next time I post. Thanks for keeping me on my toes about the update Vers and Reasons14 good luck to all my readers and I hope your lives are great.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Decent Sunday Volume

I put in a decent amount of volume in on Sunday even though it was not a winning session. I 9-tabled continuously for about 3 hrs and finished down $100 ish. It also did not help that I accidentally signed up for a $25 tournament and a $60 tournament which I was lucky to unregister from. This was all caused by me loading tables and not looking what tab I was under but oh well. I think I should of finished the session up more but I got pwned at final tables. I was shoving very wide on the button to pick up some chips because I was short at the final tables. I think I got knocked out of like 3-4 final tables in like 5 mins. Its never good when your shoves run into KK, 99, and another hand I don't remember oh well.

However I just noticed one of my major leaks are. It seems like I am leading out too much with my top pair weak kicker in multi way pots and it seemed like I was always getting raised yesterday. I think I am going to change my line up and just check-call one street instead of leading out and getting raised and then folding which sux. Oh well hopefully I can do well this month and I look forward to earning a lot of GUAC!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September Results October Goals

Well I bossed up last night and finally finished up the month. I completed my goal of being a SilverStar for another month but financially didn't meet my goals. When I looked at PT before I went to work this morning it said that I made around $630. I was running alright in my $6.50's with around a 27% ROI but ran absolutely terrible in the $12's, small sample size like 22 and like a -90% ROI or something like that. Not to mention that I haven't had a cash in a big donkament since I won over $200 in a $2 tournament a while ago. I am just hoping that I will get a big score in a donkament one of these days and I know it will feel so rewarding. Besides that I really can't complain about the month and my results. I mean whenever you are making money it should be a good month.

As for October, I am going to be mixing in $12's while playing the $6.50's. I think with my bankroll at $2,246 it should be enough to play off of. If I run real bad and get down to like $1500 I will go ahead and move back down and try to grind it back up. I really hope that I run good in the $12's because I feel like I am a good enough player to play at those stakes and be successful. This month I am going to try to do more studying especially with regards ICM in 45 man tournaments so I might have to boss up and pay for SNGPT. I have SNGWiz now but it is acting kind of screwy so hopefully I will be able to keep using that. When I get home I will go ahead and post some graphs etc for the month. But as of concrete goal I want to play 600 tournaments and will shoot for a 1k month again. This should be fairly easy especially if I run well in the $12's. I also want to make SilverStar again this month so that is another goal. However, I tam thinking about buying a 24" monitor so I can start putting more volume in. Well thats all I got for now.