Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Traction

It seems right now I have no traction. One day I win around $400 the next day I lose $300. It's all good it just feels like I can't get any traction going this month. Although I don't know how much I can complain. I mean I am up money and know that I am running bad late in the 180's by either not having my big hands hold or shoving and someone waking up with a monster.

However, this stretch has made me look at my game and seek out other players to do some reviews with. That is always a good thing. I mean poker is such a psychological game it's ridiculous. One day you can be playing so well and crushing and the next you can be playing well and just run like death. SNG's are all about REPETITION and it's hard for the psychi to think you are doing things correct but you are still not getting the results. That's one thing you have to do is stick to your game. Sure you can make some adjustments.

One big adjustment I need to make is refining my ranges at 45 man final tables. I think I have gotten far too gambly and I blame that solely on the way that 180's play. I need to make a concerted effort to analyze the whole situation before making my moves. For the most part I am good at this but sometimes I have a mental laps and either call or shove and then realize oh snap that was a 45 man table.

"You plug the volume the money will come". I think it was PortlyPig or MSU that said that and it is true. I just need to work on getting in volume. It's hard though especially in the summers in Seattle. There are only so many months of good weather and after that it sucks so gotta take advantage.

Outside of poker I have started to play basketball one time a week as well as playing softball. Everything is going well but I need to do more work outside of those days to get back in shape. The only thing that sucks is that my knees start to get stiff on me if I give them a rest in between games. I am contemplating purchasing some knee braces to help with this issue.


Friday, August 13, 2010


I promise I have to be the most irresponsible 25 year old there is. I have to get this together. Once again me being unprofessional has cost me not only a little money but also precious time. No it's not that much money. The time lost means more to me than anything. But, I need to tighten up and get my shit together. Especially after the foolishness of missing that Dominican Republic flight and the bullshit I had to do to make the trip.

This weekend I will not being playing poker. I will be doing a lot of soul searching and meditating. I plan on putting together some goals and plans for myself. I plan on sealing them in an envelope and putting them in a safe deposit box. I won't open the letters to the appropriate date and then see how I did. Hopefully this will give me some motivation.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bun B - Lights Camera Action

Bun B's new album Trill O.G goes super hard. RIP Pimp C UGK 4 Life.

Whatever's Clever

I feel lost. Not lost in the since I don't know where I am but lost just as a person. I know I have a pretty good life, play poker, have a good job, can travel, but I still feel like something is missing or needs to change. I haven't gone to church in weeks just because I am just confused. I know there is a purpose for my life and some type of after life but isn't life about the journey. It's like playing chess or piecing together a puzzle. You often times think about everything you got to get to the final point and look back and it is amazing.

I just am not happy with myself. I am proud of myself because I have an engineering degree, a good job, and a way to supplement my income in a game I love. But physically, I look at myself in the mirror and just get sick. It's not that I don't like myself as a person I just don't like the way I look. I know it's so cliche and I probably sound like a female but whatever. How the hell am I 25 years old going to be 26 at the end of the year and in the worst shape of my life. I look at pictures of myself I took in Dominican Republic and Costa Rica and just shake my head. I need to put the same effort I put into poker into starting to eat healthier and working out. Broken record I know but I will get there soon. I plan on just building my knowledge and reading and wherever it takes me it takes me.

I have never really ever been the skinny guy always the bigger/fat kid. Do I really care? Well somewhat but I know for me to live as long as possible I need to get it together. Not to mention all the things I am more prone to get just by being black. I always joke and say that someone just had it out for black people and try to exterminate us. I mean it's just ridiculous how black people are more prone to end up in jail, have high blood pressure, have diabetes, or prostate cancer. I know it's not the case but it's pretty gross. My goal is to get down to 200 lbs. I will weigh myself tonight and try to update the blog with some type of progress. The last time I weighed 200 was probably like 8-9th grade which is pretty lol I guess.

Enough about that though poker is good. Been trying to put in more volume since I have had time off for school for the majority of this month. I did a decent job of putting a plan together on how to get the volume I want and breaking down which days I will play. It has helped me so far I just need to stay on schedule. That's my main problem though is my schedule which makes it harder to do the simple things in life. I just recently hired a cleaning lady to clean the house because I got sick of my place looking like trash. People think I am crazy but it is well worth the money and it saves me a lot of time. Now if only I can figure out how to start cooking and lifting I will be the truth.

I will be thinking about what direction I want to take this blog. I think I am going to start doing an occasional video update here and there because sometimes I just don't feel like typing. I mean I am happy I started this blog because it has allowed me to express myself in writing a little more. I mean hey I am an engineer I know numbers.

Lastly, congrats to Alex "msusyr24" Carr for making it on tv during the WSOP ME. The hands they showed were kind of trivial but at least he got some face time. It was also funny because Mike Matusow just blew up and looked like he was not well medicated. Oh well that just shows you that poker is a mental marathon and if you are not right upstairs or just slightly off your play will falter. It's about knowing how to play your A game for the longest period of time determines who wins long term. Try to avoid your B game because if you don't you'll just start slippin to C game all the way to F game. I know it made no sense but to me it did.

Till next time be easy.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Here's Wil B

Man Hold Up! I am so throwed in the game right now it is ridiculous. I really haven't written in this blog because I have had so much on my freaking mind. I feel like I am unstable and sometimes I have to let the hulk out but it is only after listening to music and drinkin ya dig. Anyways what is going on with my life...

I was in Vegas with KB and went to the WSOP and it was a wonderful time. I got to meet a bunch of TG guys, drink, and degen and that is good. Vegas is crazy with all the shopping, good food, and gambling.

Went to Dominican Republic that shit is tight. I would go back next week. I missed my flight and had to pay $1.3k because I was being ignorant and stupid. It was still worth it and memories will last forever. People are lucky I came back to the US. Big shout out to my boys from back in school and Hans for keepin it trill on the local scene. I played poker and think I got cheated because my spanish isn't great. Could of ran bad too but it is what it is and Dominicans hollywood on every street including the river freaking amateurs.

Can't believe how blessed and fortunate I am. I see people struggling to pay bills and rent and wonder why I am in the position I am. It doesn't make since but one day it will.

Next blog won't be so cryptic but hey it is what it is. See me on them tables.