Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Well, I had a good Christmas and for the most part I am happy about being back home. It is kind of funny being back @ home because now my parents can tell me what to do and I have to do it. I miss my freedom so much. It was also tilting me because I was trying to 12 table on my sisters mac laptop and my mom kept trying to be a facebook stalker and have me look at everyones photos ugh. Oh well it is what it is but now back to Sunday.

I woke up and felt good and watched the 2nd half of the Manchester United game. Ship it they win 3-1 so I was like alright I am going to have a good day. Wrong wrong wrong. I proceeded to bleed away money. Not really but I did lose a little over $300. It's just so frustrating. I mean I knew I was on a heater and ran way above expectation for like the first 500 games of the month and that a downswing would happen but not like this. I am on like a 2k downswing but really can't complain because I am up close to 4k on the month. But when talking to some people they say that it is completely standard. I believe it too because I look at other grinders graphs and that happens too. I just have to grind out of it.

Also, the Broncos and the Nuggets lost. It was a terrible day for Denver sports and now the Broncos need some luck to get in the playoffs. Well first off they have to beat KC, not a given because we are playing so bad lately, and then the tie breaker scenarios kick in. TBH I don't know all of the scenarios but it is sad. This is just like last year where we were close to the playoffs before an epic collapse. Oh well it is what it is at this point.

This morning I woke up at 5 am and really wasn't tired so I proceeded to read this good thread on 2p2. Boywonder, who is a 6 max cash game player, had a well and he talked about some of the things that make him successful. His posts were very inspirational and thoughtful but I am sure to take the advice. It seems like a lot of people have the same beliefs about being focused, thinking clearly, etc when playing it's just about executing. Here is the link Even though it's a long thread, it is a really good read.

Today I will be going up to the mountains to go play some live poker. I probably will be playing $1/2 and move up to $3/5 if I run good. That's all I got planned for today. This week I plan on grinding more so I can get out of my downswing but other than that keeping it low key.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Post #100

Well I am happy that I have actually committed to something and stayed on track for the most part with my blog. I didn't notice that it was Post 100 until I was about to add this song that I was feeling with T.I. Well here it is.

Discipline Lapses AKA Tilt

The heater has come back to earth but I really can't complain because now my ROI is at like 70%. I have been playing regularly but it seems like every once in a while I get stubborn and have lapses in my discipline. These lapses in discipline usually comes from not wanting to fold hands. Sometimes I feel like Daniel Negreanu, no I am not comparing my stellar play to him, but sometimes I know what my opponent has and I still feel the need to call a bet on the river. It's something that I usually am good about but on Sunday I was really bad about. I can't complain about Sunday especially with the way I played. I was down like -$162 but trust it could of been much worse. I got to a couple of final tables at the end of my sessions and ended up minimizing my loses.

The thing about discipline lapses and being a calling station can all be quantified as tilt. Most people think that tilt is when you go nuts just playing any hand, coming up with retarded lines and raising where you know it won't work, or just being maniacal. After listening to various podcasts, like Deuces Plays with Bart Hanson which is the nuts, tilt is defined as anything that is not your A game. Well when I am being a calling station and not folding when I should this clearly goes into this category. I need to really start doing the breathing exercises during my sessions like Tommy Angelo reccomends so I will be concentrating more on what is going on.

Either way I really can't complain at all. I am very happy with where my game is going and playing very well, when I am not being a calling station. I will be leaving to go to Denver on 12/25, yes on Christmas day flights are cheaper and I waited to the last minute, so I will be trying to get my volume in so I can relax at home. Maybe I can just look at some deuces cracked videos or something with my time off.

My ultimate goal is to finish up the month > 5k and I think it is obtainable just gotta concentrate and put in GOOD volume. I remember my post not too long ago that not all volume is good volume. Well that's all for now till next time.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

He's On Fire

Well I am in a catch 22. I started this blog so that I could document the ups and downs associated with poker. Last month, I was focusing on the psychological affects of being on swings and losing. This month however, I am on a ridiculous heater so far. The reason I say it is a catch 22 is because I really don't like bragging or borderline jinxing myself :-p. I mean sure I got swagger and I can be cocky at times but for the most part I am a humble guy. I don't like to flaunt my success in people's faces all like that because I think it is unnecessary. I feel like I am playing very good poker at the moment. Although I may be making small mistakes I try to catch, I think for the most part I am playing my best game right now. It is showing in the results below because obviously I am crushing. I try to keep a level head with it and keep hungry, keep studying, and not being complacent. The problem with a lot of poker players is that they get good results and get complacent thus prohibiting their progress in the game. Well, I am trying really hard not to do this. PortlyPig and I have something setup where we review one HH of each other a week so that's just a little trick that helps.

Congratulations to vers! He ended up finishing 5th for €22,000. This is a great score but he went out in the cruelest of ways by losing AA to QT. To make things worse, it was to a drunk spewtard at the table. I was paying attention to the web updates and it seemed like the guy that sucked out on vers was a huge fish. Oh well that's the nature of the best. Skill can take you only so far but even a monkey can win in a MTT. I look forward to seeing more live scores from this guy he is a good player and it is long overdue.

In terms of me, I got about a week left before I go home form Christmas. I am trying to grind enough so I won't have to worry about playing at home because of the pressure I get. However, I might have to bend my rule when I go back especially if I am in close enough range for top 200 on the TLB. I am hovering around 186 and although it is a longshot, it would be nice to finish top 200 to compete for the PokerStars Passport promotion.

Also, I am proud of my fellow poker players doing their parts to make a difference in the world. Msusyr24 ran a very good Toys for Tots promotion. He raised over $1k and did a good job of promoting his events. Although I didn't play in a tournament, I donated a little money towards his cause. Reasons14 is also doing a good job with trying to get the GrindForAmy thing up and running. I keep joking and telling him I am gonna stop donating unless Amy gets some photos with some black kids :-). In 2010 I have to think about what I can do to benefit the community. Maybe some community service or something but I am sure I will figure it out. That's all I got for now tell next time!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Much Volume and GOOOOOOOOO Vers!

Well, due to the fact that I had a final and had to do some studying my volume definitely decreased. I also had to work on Saturday for a little bit so the time I spend playing on Saturday was pretty much cut. I can't complain though, I have worked here for two years and this was the first Saturday that I worked. I am getting pretty pumped up too because the 787 is "supposed" to be flying on Tuesday.

Other than that everything is pretty good. I need to start buying some Christmas presents pretty soon. This is always the time of the year when your bank account gets pwned trying to make everyone happy. I don't even know what I am going to get my parents or my sister so it looks like I got some work cut out for me.

I plan on putting in some good volume this week. Since I am done with school for the year, and know I won't be playing when I get home I gotta get it in when I can. Hopefully I can keep running hot for the rest of the month :-)!

Vers is currently at the final table at the UKIPT. It's good to see him finally get some results live and is way overdue imo. Plus, it gives me motivation that I can someday get there. I will embed his video at the bottom of the page. It's funny because he mentions everyone's screen name except his own lol. GL and TID FFS!

Watch UKIPT GALWAY: Michael McFadgen on

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

C'Mon Son

Ed Lover is still killing the game lol @ him saying Baby is trying to look like a Heineken bottle.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Running Goot

Well enough about bitching about running bad I can talk about running good. This month so far I running above expectation. Hopefully I can still ride this heater for the rest of the month. I mean that boy wbmustang got Christmas presents to pay for. Sometimes I hate talking about being on a heater for the following reasons: A I am a little bit superstitious and B I hate bragging. I like to think about myself as a pretty humble guy with a little cocky swagger. Oh well it beats bitching talking about how bad you are running.

This week I plan on playing everyday this week until Friday. Friday and Saturday I will have things to do with class so I won't be able to play. On Sunday, I probably will grind after the Broncos play the Colts. It sucks I can't put in the volume I want on the weekend but oh well at least I am getting a masters.

Speaking of the Broncos, they had a very good game against KC and are 8-5. Very happy because we had a mini meltdown in the month of November. Manchester United is looking like they are coming into form but they have a major injury crisis. They only have one person on their back line of defense who is a regular and everyone else is pretty much hurt. Johnny Evans and John O'shea are out until January which makes things a little worse. Oh well hopefully they can pull it together and not drop points because Chelsea is out there ballin even though they lost to Man City :-). The Denver Nuggets are pwning right now too and Carmelo Anthony is out there trying to win the MVP this year. Lastly, congratulations to Mullen High School in Denver, CO for winning the state football title. That means they won back to back and are going to try to win a three peat next year. I was hella nervous listening to the game on the radio which is sad but hey I still have my school pride and always want them to do good. Well that's all for now till next time.

Also, I appreciate all the support I get about writing my blog. It makes my day when someone says they enjoy reading my blog. It also makes me know that I am not writing this blog for no reason. I know the punctuation and grammar is probably terrible but hey I am an engineer I do numbers.



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

C'Mon Son

This man Ed Lover is foolish his c'mon son stuff is too funny.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Results

My name is wbmustang and I am a loser this month. Did I also mention I am addicted to poker? J/k but, it's ridiculous how I can pretty much loose every key flip or coolered late game in 180's. Nothing is more soul crushing than getting big stacks and busting at the final two tables for a min cash it's a joke. Sometimes I think I rather not even cash than to min cash but obv I will eat my words. But sometimes I think I must be addicted to bring myself back to this punishment after 8 hrs of work. But hey that's the 180's. I guess part of playing them is dealing with the variance and playing your best for as long as possible. I guess the good news is that the month is over and now I can start as a clean slate. The bad news is that December is here which means I have to grind just to buy Christmas presents etc.

Anyways update on the prop bet I am losing by like at least 2k or something like that. It's kind of sad but if I run hot this month hopefully I will be easy with vertek by the end of the month. At the bottom of the page I will post my feeble results. Hooray just noticed by looking at the graph I am on a 2k downswing :-)! The following month will be cut short because I will be going home for Christmas on 12/23 around that time and won't be playing while @ home. So I have to figure out how to get a gold star in 23 days of grinding.

-4-5k Month That would be nice so imma aim high like Air Force
-@ least 1.1k games played
-20-25% ROI

These goals seem close to what I have tried every single month this year and have gotten clowned. I feel like my game is good to go so bring on December. I feel a cold coming on so hopefully I can be a soldier and fight through it. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and good luck on the tables.