Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Before I start this entry, I want to apologize to Reasons14 for swacking, swagger jacking, his title. Alright back to my post. Like Reasons put on his last post I feel like I need to refocus. Right now I know I am running just terrible but at the same time I know that I am not playing as good as I can. First of all I think its due to the fact about the distractions around me. For the rest of the month I will be trying not to listen to any music and keep off of my messengers. I feel that this will do me good and I should of never broken this habit. I def can tell something is not right but at the same time it could be due to the variance I am experiencing. I know that I am a +ev player so there should be no reason for me to have like a 50 bi downswing unless that ish is standard which I know it is not. Its like I know I may be making some bad decisions but not enough to turn me into that much of a loser. Oh well I will be refocusing and really trying to get my game on point before I go to Las Vegas this weekend. Congrats to vers for min cashing in the Venetian event. I know he wanted to win it and of course I did too because I own a small piece in him. Other than that everything is everything. I look forward to posting about how I have been crushing before I leave for Las Vegas. Till next time.


Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well I am in Phoenix now I am having an absolute blast. I have pretty much been living it up since I left Seattle. I was drinking some gin and oj on the plane ride up. My boy O who lives out here picked me and JB up and pretty much just went from there. Its great to be around my friends from college and we haven't seen each other in about a couple of years. Its kind of funny because we were the original crew to live together in Campus Lodge back in my soph year and its just good times. Last night we ended up pre funking, lawl Seattle term, and then going out to the Rookie Soph. challenge. We had great seats right around the mid court level and on the main first level. The view of the game was real sick and thats how I like to watch my games. There is nothing worse than going to a game and getting terrible seats so we did it right this time. After the game, we ended up going to Stoudemire's. The place was pretty straight and the groove was right and we had a good time. Especially sippin off that patron and rosea lime juice.

Valentines day lawl. Thats really all I have to say. I just really don't like the holiday all like that but I do what I have to do when its this time of the year. I am not gonna go further into it because it just is what it is and I don't think I will be changing my opinion about the day. To add insult to injury, I only cashed one time in my session that I played early this morning. The worst part about it is that it was a 6th place finish I guess better than a min cash. It is what it is and just the variance of the game I play. Maybe that was my Valentines day present. Well tonight we are going to the Ced the Entertainer and Shaq comedy show. It should be a good time and we will problem end up watching the 3 point shootout, dunk contest, etc. at a bar before that. Right now we are just chillin, clownin, eating on good food, and drinking. Just livin it up. Hope everyone is having fun.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January Results, Feb Goals, and Life

Well this post is pretty late and I haven't really posted on here in a while. I really have no reason that I have not posted this month besides the fact that I am lazy and procrastinate so this is what I do. January was definitely a humbling month in terms of poker. I felt good about myself because I was fighting through downswings and pretty much just grinding. I felt that my game was getting better I was just running bad in certain spots. I mean I really can't complain because I was crushing the past two months but it sucks so bad to run bad. Looking back on it I think I may of overrated my game just a tad but I am taking the proper steps to be more humble, study more, and always learn. I think the key in grinding SNG's is just knowing that you never have it 100% down. There are always things that you can do better. I think it is kind of funny when people say that SNG's are solved and that there is no edge in them. For the most case I think that is true for when you get in higher limits but even if the game is solved people still make a lot of mistakes and don't do the proper things. I was really proud of my self because there was normally a call that I would make but I really couldn't because there was someone so short and just had to flat out fold 99 but it was worth the second place money. Well to cut from the bs I made GoldStar but lost -$99 last month. It was my first losing month in a while but really don't care either way. I need to think about poker as a long term game even though I set monthly goals :-p. I will post the stats below so you see how I ran. It happens I guess but I am sure I can overcome it. I am really comfortable with my sessions with sngmentors so I am sure that my game is improving and the results will show if I run good.

As far as Feb. I really have to think about my goals. I have two trips planned which is the All Star game in Phoenix and the following weekend I will be going to Vegas. That takes out like 6 days out of a short month so I will only have 22 days to play. My goals are as followed:

1. At least 500 SNG's
2. ROI 25%-30%
3. Study More
4. Make another video.

I really need to work on 3 and review more of my sessions because sometimes I think that I don't review enough of my sessions. I think making the video will be easy enough and it should be better this time. The first video I made I was a little bit nervous and I didn't want to make a mistake but I am over that bs now and will just play.

Life is life I guess. I went through a little rough patch at the beginning of Feb and it came out of nowhere. I don't know if it was the weather of what but I somehow just wasn't feeling good about myself. I felt that I was not advancing in my career and just naturally not advacning as a person. I dunno maybe a little bit of this also came from the fact that my grad school got postponed so I kind of felt like I was in a stagnant state. I am all good now though. The next day I snapped out of it because I was telling myself that I need to stop feelling sorry for myself and that I need to just be thankful for being alive, having a job, and being able to do what I like. I mean I hate the fact that I feel so restricted working this job in the cubicle but I am happy to have it especially now when the economy is so bad. Add on to that I can get off of work and play when I want to so I guess life is not that bad. The only thing that I have to do is make sure that I balance my poker life and my personal life. It shouldn't be that hard I just need to take more initiative to not being so dang lazy. I promise I have to be one of the laziest people that I know but I am working on getting better. I know this post is mad long but thats what I get for not blogging in a while. Hopefully I run better in Feb. its Black History Month so I have to run good obv.