Monday, December 22, 2008

Baller Sunday But Denver Sport Teams Suck

I had a real baller day on Sunday shipping +$675 over like 37 games. There is no better feeling in the world, besides one other thing, than when you are running good. It just feels like no matter what situation you are in you will come out top. Even though I know I may of made some -ev shoves or calls they ended up working for me and I was just crushing. I try not to get too hype with my success and realize that I cannot afford to be results oriented and need to making the right play all the time not some of the time. Either way I just feel like I have a lot of confidence in my game. I definitely appreciate the help my coach has given me and I think he has slowly turned me into a winning player. I am looking for my game to grow, make better reads, better decisions post flop, and just becoming an all around better poker player.

Now for the terrible part of the weekend. It feels like I am so attached to my sports teams but honestly right now they are sucking a fat left nut. The Broncos act like they want to give the Chargers the division by not winning @ home against the Bills. Now they must go into San Diego, who will be very hungry and pissed off about the call in the first game they played, to win the AFC West. Oh well I am a little nervous but with all the ish that the Broncos were talking about how the Chargers won with no class last year @ home it def should be an interesting game. I am just looking forward to winning the game and the AFC West title. Even though our D is terrible I still think we have a good shot. The Nuggets let me down and have lost three games in a row. They need to get back on track and their schedule is not getting any easier. It also doesn't help that Melo will be out for three games. Oh well @ least I might get a chance to see them play a home game when I go back to Denver. Yes once again I have tricked my sister and she has no idea that I will be coming back home for Christmas. Its funny too because I didn't think she would be this pissed off if I missed Christmas but I will see her soon and she will be real happy. Once again I don't care about posting it on this blog because she rarely reads it and I will let her know I put it on my blog again and she didn't read it. Oh well its shameful that I have to do stuff like this to make my sis, aka my best friend, read my blog. Well thats all for now! Hopefully everyone is have a good time in this holiday season!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Regular Grind & Sports Teams

Basically I have been just playing. I mean nothing really new to report which is why this post may be pretty boring. For the most part I have just been playing and using the Auto Reg and Debustifier has been good. Like I said it is just easier putting in sessions not worrying about loading and exiting tournaments etc. I think I might need to step up my game in terms of studying a bit more. I mean I do study sessions after I play but I think I can do a lot better. Especially when I feel like when I study its kind of like an overview of my push folds. Also, I need to do a better job of putting people on ranges in SNG Wiz. Right now on my shoves I adjust the ranges to see if they say call wider how +ev it is compared if they are calling narrower. If people believe this is the wrong way to study you can for sure leave a comment and tell me what you think will work better.

The weekend was pretty std and the Broncos and Chiefs let me down. I was weary of the Broncos playing the Pantehrs and they absolutely destroyed us. Steve Smith was putting in work but it didn't help that Champ Bailey was out for the game. All we need to do is beat Buffalo @ home and we are in there like swim wear. I thought that we would of clinched before the game started but the Chiefs choked and gave up an 11 pt. lead in the 4th quarter with like 1:11 left in the game which is ridiculous. The Nuggets are also playing pretty baller with the acquisition of Chauncey Billups and Melo just put up 33 in one qtr which is good. However, Manchester United is just letting me down this season. It seems like every time we have a chance to gain points and put pressure on Chel$ea and Liverpool we always choke. Hopefully they can turn on the heat on the top 2 and make a real run for the EPL title. Well hopefully my next post will be better.


Monday, December 8, 2008

SFSO and Debustifier

I didn't put as much volume in on the weekend as I think I should have. It seems like every freaking weekend I say this. I think I get so caught up about being happy and not having to go to work that I rather go out and kick it with friends than play online poker. I feel like when I don't play I am throwing away money but at the same time I think I need to have some type of social life. I really can see how easy it is to just play online all the time and not have to kick it with anyone therefore becoming anti social. However, I did get the opportunity to download SFSO and Debustifier and honestly I don't know how I was playing without these programs. It makes things so much easier and I can just sit down and focus on playing rather than registering for new tournaments and closing the tables after I busted. The thing about it is that when you don't use these tools everything can get a bit crazy trying to register for new tournaments while having a bubble decision or a shove decision etc etc. Oh well, better of late than never. The other reasons I like using SFSO and Debustifier is because it forces me to play for a set amount of time and I don't start tripping about the tournament I just lost because it just closes and I don't think about it anymore. I have to give myself props because I feel like I don't really tilt and my emotional state is very good in sessions. Well I know this post is written pretty poorly but oh well. This week should not be very hectic so I can get a good amount of grinding in :-).


Friday, December 5, 2008

Nov Results December Goals

November was the most profit that I have made in a month. A couple of months ago I was pretty stoked about $1k in a month and I realized that I could make some decent money playing 45 man SNG's. Well I think the early success went to my head and I didn't make as much the months afterwards. Now that I found my coach, I feel like I am making better decisions and doing things a lot better than I did in the past. I hope that this is just the tip of the ice berg and that my game will continue to grow. I could of never imagined that I could be supplementing my income by putting in some hours online. The graphs from the results of November will be located towards the bottom of this post. Now that it is the beginning of a new month I want to put in some goals and here they go!

December Goals
-@ least 750 SNG's
-ROI: 25-30%.

I think that it is good to set a goal for a number of games played and what type of ROI I want to achieve instead of a monetary goal. I mean I pretty much just have a big emergency fund if something were to go down :-p!

On another note, it was so fun to go back home to Denver for Thanksgiving. I surprised the hell out of my sister and that was really fun. It was really nice to see my family and I really appreciate the times that I spend with them. I guess I don't really realize how much I miss my family until I go back home. I mean don't get me wrong its cool being out in Seattle by myself in my own spot and everything but its even better to go home and spend time with your family and you feel their love. It was sooo funny to watch the 60 Minutes piece about the UB/AP scandal with my parents. Even funnier that my dad was kind of shocked that I have made some decent money playing on PokerStars. I had to keep telling them that I have never played on those crap sites of UB/AP and that I haven't been cheated. Besides it was kind of funny to see my dad's expression when I told him that I only deposited $75 and how far I have ran my bank roll up to now. Oh yeah I also had a blast kicking it with my friends who I went to high school with. We went to Lo Do's in Highlands Ranch and we had a blast just drinking and clowning. Now we all have a little bit of an inside joke about a hot tub lawl. It was also kind of celebratory because my old high school had just won the football state championship. It was cool watching the game on tv but I wanted to go in person but my black ass was not staying outside in that cold to watch that game.

I haven't gotten off to the best start with putting in some volume this month by starting off a little slow but I will pick it up. Realistically I really want to try to get to 1k sng's in a month and I know that I will be GoldStar by then. Big ups to reasons14 for making GoldStar by 1 point and he had a pretty baller month.