Friday, January 30, 2009


I am finally a GoldStar this month. It's crazy because I feel like I have been putting in soo much volume to get this thing but don't have any type of winnings for the month to justify it. Oh well like my previous post said Still I Fight. I had a good learning session with vers yesterday. It seemed like everything was going great at the beginning but then I started to run terrible late. It seemed like no matter what I shoved it was running into big hands. All vers and I really could do is laugh as this happened even though I was making +ev shoves. Anyways I will be playing some this weekend to pick up some additional fpp's since I got that GoldStar. I can see my 1k giftcard from Nieman Marcus in no time. Not really because I need like 80k more fpp's to get it but I still want it. I will probably sit down and order all of my parts at my desk today since it is Friday and I don't feel like doing anything at work. Oh well this is the life I live longing for sucess and not having to work for the man for forever.


Monday, January 26, 2009


Well I think I was definitely spoiled by the past two months of my success in poker. It seemed like no matter what I was doing I was just crushing and making good money. To be honest I know my game has improved so much within these two months. There are often times spots where I feel everything is so automatic and know when to shove or make certain plays. Other times I get weird feelings and kind of question what I do. Even though I get these weird feelings, I usually end up making the right play and everything works out. It is funny because this month I have put in the most volume in a month that I have ever put in. Unfortunately right now the results are not where I want them to be but that is quite alright. I won't bee too mad of not reaching my goal for ROI's this month in SNG's if my GoldStar. It is a little premature to be saying this as I have about five days to go on a sick heater and make myself look good. All I need to do is just have a good coaching sesison this week and everything is all good. It is just so amazing how good the coaching sessions go. It seems like whenever someone else is watching me this month I am just smashing and running so good. Then I play by myself and just get coolered and sucked out. It just sucks because it gets to that point where everyone is sucking out on you and whne you shove that 69s and get called by AK and you can't suck out. Oh well that is poker. It is so funny because people type in the chat windows about how I shouldn't be complaining about running bad. The reason it is funny to me is because whenever they say that its either not worth than many chips or early on in the tournament. Here is to running good late in tournamtnes :-).

Other than that I just living life and just going to work. I definitely sit down and think about my life and some things that I do and know I can do better like in the laziness department. I can't tell how often times I set down and look at my apartment me and just want to throw up. I mean for the most part I keep my place farely neat and everything but every once in a while I just let things go. Then add onto the fact that I really have not just sat down and finished the place. There is no excuse for me to be having a 2 bedroom 1 bath apt. and one of the rooms just being a junk room. Oh well hopefully I will motivate myself to do better. Meh this is a random post with random topics but oh well at least I updated the blog.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Back To Even

After some coaching, studying and grinding I am finally up on the month of January. It definitely has been a trying month but hay variance, aka shit, happens. There only so much you can do when you are running bad. You can get on tilt and play worse or you can study more and focus more and make sure you are making +ev plays. I don't think I was making bad plays but at the same time I think I might of been playing sub optimally. Who knows but I know variance had a large part to deal with it. I am really close to GoldStar and I should be able to make it by the end of this month. The only thing that will hold me back is the fact that I have classes Friday after work from 4-10pm and then on Saturday 8-4pm. Sigh, I really don't want to go but its something that I know I have to do. Hopefully I get some good time to play for like 3 hrs on Sat and grind a bunch on Sunday. I will update my blog probably on Monday so till then be easy.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Still I Fight

Yeah, well I have still running kind of blah but actually had a good session today. Even though it was only up around $126 on the day I still ran a 38% ROI over 30 games so that is good. I am still studying hands and analyzing my game as I have gone through this difficult poker month. But I tell you one thing though. I have a new found respect for sng'ers who grind day to day as there life. You have to endure so much shit during when you play its serious. You always have to be on top of your game while having to endure soul crushing events like getting your 72s shove for snap off by AA in the bb and you are crippled and the final table still starts. I know I often complain about my job but @ the same time it is a good job and a CONSTANT source of income. I mean I am guranteed my money regardless and it doesn't matter if my AA gets cracked. This is the main reason why I feel that I couldn't do the poker thing as my sole source of income. Psychologically right now I don't think I am ready for that. I plan on making a video so hopefully that goes good and I can put it up on the SNGMentor site.

Lastly, tommorrow is such an epic event. There will be a black President sworn into office. Boy I never thought I would see this day. When everything was going on with the election I just felt like it was just too good to be true that Obama would actually get elected. Then he finally got elected and I found out after I just got done grinding sng's because I didn't want to watch the election. I guess I was a little nervous afterall. I still am kind of nervous for him and his family so I will pray for them. I know there are still crazy people who won't like the idea of having a black president and would want to harm him. I hope President Obama will enjoy everything and celebrate because he has a lot of work to do come the next day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Almost Back To Even

Finally, after being down -$650 I am almost back to even. I am proud of myself too. It seems like I had to endure so so much but now I am coming back around. Although, I shouldn't really even get caught up in the swings and know thats just the way sng's work. I had my first coaching session with draqq and felt that I learned alot from that session and ran better which actually helped my confidence. I was doing things right but I was definitely missing out on some things and started to plug some of my leaks. The good thing about being down is that it inspired me to play more, learn more, and do better so it looks like it will be fairly easy getting myself to GoldStar. I have a coaching session with vers tomm so hopefully that will help a lot as well.

On the sports front, I dunno what to think about Broncos hiring of Josh McDaniels. I mean it was obvious that we needed defense so why hire a guy with an offense background. Oh well I am sure Pat Bowlen knows what he is doing which is why he is the owner. I also feel that Josh McDaniels will put hire a knowledgeable staff which should also help out the defense. If McDaniels, Mike Nolan, and his staff can get everything together the Denver Broncos have the potential of being a scary young team. My Nuggets are still well despite not having Melo for a couple more weeks with a hand injury. Hopefully we can keep playing good and hold the ship until Melo gets back and we can start beasting teams again. Manchester United won there game in hand today and they are 2 pts. back from Liverpool for the EPL lead. We also have another game in hand so we gotta keep it pushing. The only concern I have with them is how seriously missed Patrice Evra will be and if the Carlos Tevez contract saga comes to an end. But that is another whole post so I am not going to go there.

I got my Feb. planned and it is going to be a crazy month. I will be going to the NBA All Star Game as well as Las Vegas in Feb. Both these trips should be a lot of fun. All my old friends from college will be at the All Star game and then I plan on meeting up with vers and draqq and some more turbo grinders in Vegas. Well everything sounds fun but I gotta keep grinding to make sure that I have as much fun as I want to :-)


Sunday, January 11, 2009


I told myself that I would never do this but this is the only place when I can can get something like this off of my chest. The Manchester United vs. Chelsea game is at halftime so I have a little time to blog while the Red Devils are up 1-0. It is crazy how much PokerStars has dookied on me this month. I am going through a major downswing right now. I know I really can't complain about the situation because I have had two very good last month but still like wtf is going on. I have been looking at some stuff in SNGWiz but for the most part it just seems like my huge hands are not holding up or my QQ vs. AK or JJ vs. AQ is not holding up at the final tables or just crippling me right before the final table. I know its kind of naive to always think I am playing @ 100% and its all luck which has caused me to dive into SNGWiz more. I do not study in SNGWiz enough at all. It is such a freaking trend. I feel like I play well forget about studying and only look @ SNGWiz when I am on a down swing. In order to make myself play as best as possible I need to find more times to study or find a way to review all of my session. I know when you get into a funk you can get into a period where you are studying to much but I know I am far from reaching that point right now. All I can do is just play through this patch of variance and try to aim to get GoldStar that I never get. The crazy thing about it is that when I am losing it drives me to play more even though there should be no such things as streaks ;-). Reason14 gave me a good quote about that I should have saved it because it is true. It was basically talking about how there are no such things as streaks and that they are only created in the mind. Oh well maybe the next time I blog I will be able to have it. Until next time GLORY GLORY MAN UNIIIIIITED!

Oh yeah watched the 2nd half of the game and it was quality. United ended up winning 3-0 so I won $20 on a bet. It would have been $25 but I bet $5 there would be only one go so I will take it. Now back to poker played around 55 games still ran like garbo. The end of the session I got a 1st and a 2nd so there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Also I looked at my stats and realized that I am running 25% over my last 1,000 games. Even though I know I have to look at the big picture it still sucks running so bad. Oh well I reviewed the 55 games and still confident. Here is to a positive blog about a heater coming soon :-)!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well obv I am super late for this post but hey what can I say. I absolutely enjoyed the holidays and had a fun time bringing in the New Year with some special peeps known as KK and friends. Either way it was just so good to get up out of this cubicle. It seems like ever since that clock struck 12 and got sober from the night before I was thinking about New Years resolutions but I absolutely suck at keeping them till the end of next year. I guess I shouldn't make resolutions that I should keep. Below are some of my resolutions:

1. Start Masters in Project Management Degree - Although I don't want to go back to school, I would be very foolish in not getting one since my company pays for it 100%. Yes this is a free advertisement for Boeing but they have treated me well thus far.

2. Get fluent in Spanish - I took three years in High School and then worked at McDonald's w/Mexicans so I was obv doing good. Then I went to school in Tallahassee, FL where there are little to no Latinos so it went downhill from there. I have the Rosetta Stone language pack cd so I should hop on that soon. I especially get annoyed with this resolution because each year I say I am going to do it and don't.

3. Lose weight/eat healthier - I know I need to do a better job in not eating out all the time and getting some exercise. Eating out everyday is costly and not good for you. So I will try to do a better job of cooking. Right now I am doing a bad job right now but I just got back in town and have not gone grocery shopping yet so that should improve over time. I also suck at going to the weight room. When I get on a roll I go everyday but I hate being so freaking sore from the first week of getting back in the gym. I guess I need to man up and stop bitching. Plus I need to snag $200 from our weight lost bet come see me Tim Ro I am already counting and spending my money from you :-p.

4. Play good poker and rape the SNG world on Stars - I feel like I have gotten so much better in the past 3-4 months when I started to take poker more seriously. It is also great to see your results paying off too. I haven't put in that much volume this month but I know I will get on it. Plus I am excited because I signed a deal w/ SNGMentors which will give me some coaching and an opportunity to look at some videos etc. Thanks to draqq, vers, and others who are going to help me crush the poker scene. Besides the SNG's I wouldn't mind a nice score in a MTT too :-).

5. Keep Family close - Over the holidays I really see how much for granted I take my family. My family has provided me with a lot and I feel like I do them so wrong by not contacting them on the regular and doing my own thing. Well, in 2009 I am going to do a better. I just never realized how good I have had it coming from such a stable family and not needing/wanting anything growing up because my parents provided me. Hell, my parents and family are the only reason I am sitting in this cubicle right now because they paid for my college.

Well those are just some of my resolutions and now time for January goals:
@ Least 500 SNG's
25-30% ROI (It worked last month)

These goals are pretty liberal but hey whatever works maybe I will exert myself more next month but I need to see how much time I will actually have especially since my grad school classes are going to be starting this month and they take place on the weekends :-s.

I wish I could go back and review 2008 but I really don't like to dwell on the past. I am just happy and blessed that I graduated, got a good job, and now I am starting to crush in poker. I know I keep repeating it but there is no better feeling than going from a losing/break even player to making a decent income in a year. Thats really all I have on this post before I go absolutely insane so at the bottom I am going to post my results for the month. It was a pretty ballar month IMO and it could of been better if I didn't cool off towards the end of it. Oh well I can really whine but thats life :-)! I hope everyone had a great 2008 and will have an even better 2009. Since I am back in Seattle look forward to more updates @ least 1-2 times a week.