Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ran Terrible

I played today and ran terrible. It sucks so much to build up stacks just to get pwned later. Granted may be missing some little spots I need to figure out how to get the poker gods on my side. Maybe I need to sacrifice a small baby or lamb or something. J/K obv but I just wanna run hot 1x. I will probably put in a small session tomorrow and that will be it for the month. Oh well I can't really complain thats just the variance of the game. I also was running pretty good in the $11+1 20k guaranteed but spewed my chips away. I was very disappointed in myself. When I was in the hand I was just clicking buttons like a monkey and not thinking. Next thing you know my hella good stack is in with top pair 2nd kicker gg me. Hopefully can make some noise tomm.


Where You @?

This aint a Boost Mobile commercial but I am still around grinding. Whenever I have a pretty busy month, I rarely update my blogs. I mean I have plenty of opportunities to update but I guess I am just lazy and don't feel like sitting down and typing.

This month in poker has been pretty meh. I had a volume goal set at the the beginning of the month but had to be real with myself and adjust it. At first, I was going to try to play 1.5k and as the month went I was going to be pretty short. I adjusted that total to 1.1k games played. I mean I remember a point in time when I wasn't getting in 1k games and thought I was king ish but my eyes have been opened. I want to run at 25% and I got some time left so we will see how it goes. Currently I am around 988 games played with a 15% ROI. I still have a couple of days left for the rest of the month so hopefully I can crush. I am doing really well in the 45's but just can't get things to connect in the 180's. For the most part, I think I am playing pretty well and should be a winning player but its just about putting in the volume tbh. Kind of hard to complain about not being a winner in a game and not even have a 1k sample size lol.

I have been kicking it with Assassinato and Raventhon more recently as well. I am still kind of mad it took me so long to meet Raventhon but happy I did. He is a cool guy and when we kick it with Alex its just a good time. The dynamic is kind of weird I guess and I have poker to thank for bringing us together. There is Alex who is a younger and just came of the tour and a hella good player. Then there is Raventhon who is a serious sng grinder, aka Pimp of the Nerds, and he can even grind out rpg games just sick. Then there is me 25 year old black guy with a professional job. It's all good times when we get together and look forward to kicking it with these guys more. Just so fun to just talk hands, bs, and watch them grind. You learn so much just buy being around them and hearing them talk its ridiculous. They are going to be leaving to go to Costa Rica probably within a month so that will suck.

I am loving reading all my friends blogs and seeing the success it has it just drives me more. Msusyr24 is having a gangster month and now has that crystal star by his name. Reasons14 has grown a lot since I have met him and he also has a start by his name too. Jontsef, TheLipoFund, Vers,Vertek, Shen888, and JBrown are also guys that I talk to regularly. It's cool having the relationship with players who are good so you can see what they go through and also game knowledge from them at the same time. The number one thing that I do get from this is to put in volume. I mean you can be playing retarded, put volume in, and still be a winning player. Either way I need to find a way to increase my volume. I mean I know I work a full time job and everything but playing 2k games a month would be pretty dope. I should be getting some good money too especially if I run like I am supposed to.

I just plan on grinding for the rest of the month. I told myself I was going to go through a Deuces Cracked series before the end of the month but its looking like that might not happen. Hopefully I will actually be able to review more of my games and watch some videos. I am still looking at how much my monthly expenses are "supposed" to be so from then I can set a goal so I will know what I need to shoot for. TBH the number is like $15k but I need to add some padding onto that because obv I want to have a house one of these days. I wonder how long it will take me to get like $30k stashed away. Probably like a year or so but who knows if I actually put some volume in. Sigh on another sad note I have way more money on PokerStars than in any of my bank accounts. We gots to work on that.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Playing Better

For the most part I think I am playing a lot better and getting a hang of the games. The one thing I do have to deal with is just the swings in the sessions. When you are playing these things it seems like the 45's just keep you a float and then when you get a good finish in the 180's thats how your bankroll gets boosted. I just can't wait till that session where I catch on fire because you have the potential to win a lot with a couple of 180 man wins in session.

I have also been trying to review more of my HH's in genearl. I think I am doing a pretty good job about that in general. I just reviewed one a second ago wehre I got second but I played so Lol bad. Of course I was happy with the second, but there is no way I can miss the spots that I did and be a good player. I think it is better for me to be hard on my self to keep myself humble. Poker is a game with a deep rabbit whole so there is so much that you can learn. For the most part when I review my game I play good but, I just need to play better in some spots. Hopefully by reviewing the stuff I will get more comfortable with it so it will be like 2nd nature in the future.

Either that I have just been chilling basically. Trying to put in my volume and study so I can be the best player I can bee. Also on a side note I saw some black guy on the TLB front page of Stars and got jealous because I want to be there one day Lol.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

25 Years Old

Wow, 25 years old and I can't believe. It's crazy because all I hear about the statistics. Black people are either dead or in jail by the age of 25. GUESS WHAT MOFO'S I AINT NONE OF THAT. I feel like I am on top of the world at times. I have a good job and I have a mind that helps me make money everday. I am soo comfortable right now I just can't believe it right now. Right now I am in Chicago @ my homeboys wedding just chilling and vibing.

Life can be so crazy sometimes! I feel like I am old but at the same time I feel young at the age of 25. I have so many plans and dreams that I want to accomplish. For instance poker, I want to make it so bad I can taste. This past year my results have been pretty booty and I think I have isolated why they have been that way. I talk so much shit, say I will do x, y, and z, but at the end of the day I don't do it. I have heard too many times that the only way that I will be succesful is if I play, study, and repeat. It's a vicious cycle but I know that is what I have to do. I just need to become a student of the game and put what I learn into use.

I finally got deuces cracked, watched one video and thought it was that piff! I am going to continue watching the content on deuces so I can develop into more of a thinking player. I dunno why but often times I feel like I am just like a droid and not taking my game to the next level.

Big plans big plans. I can taste success in my mouth right now and it taste great. I just am so happy that God has blessed me with another year to do something. Even if it is just waking up the next morning I am thankful. I am thankful because I have a Mom and Dad that love me so much that helped me to be in the position I am today. I am thankful because I have my little sister who is my heart beat and my best friend. I just don't know how many times I can say thank you. I know I sound like a spoiled brat sometimes which is why I have to sit back and say thank you.

I am also starting graduate school in October. This program has been delayed so many times but I am just happy that it is starting. I am so drunk right now, gone off that bay, that I don't really know what to put together to type this blog. Then I am thinking about how this blog is gonna look when I am mad old looking back on history. Well, if it ends up being a mistake I am happy. I never thought I would get this hard into it but I am. Like Jay Z says it is the allure of the game. BTW that Blueprint 3 is fire.

Well I have spewed off for enough and these are my goals for this year.

1. Make money playing poker
-I know I make money but not as much as I want. I know I need to study and take my game to the next level to be profitable. I love the game so much, am so competitive, it really means a lot for me to make money and be good in this game.

2. Get down to 200 lbs.
-It is inexcusable the way I look. I mean I was bigger in high school but, I feel like I can do a lot better. I want to get back to 200 lbs. by the time I am 26. I mean I am at my peak right now lets get it.

3. Develop my business and create my team.
-I know I need to develp Bradford LLC from the ground up. But at the same time, I know I need to created a team for me to be succesful. So I am going to try real hard to bring this business from the ground up.

4. Jay Z said it the best "Never live with regrets!" So that is exactly what I am going to do put balls to the wall and have remorse.

I know I am drunk and spewing but I have so many emotions in me I don't know what to say. I appreciate everyone that reads this blog and rides the roller coaster which is my life with me. I have big plans and can't wait to one day say mamma I made it. Well that is all. Here is to a year of greatness and prosperirty.