Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time Off Was Needed

The trip to Cincinnati was real good. I got to see people that I care about and it was just an all around good time. During my vacation, I played absolutely 0 poker. It was a much needed break because things were not going my way before the mini vacation. After being soul crushed that I lost the prop bet, I proceeded to go to the outlets and buy some clothes. Msusyr24 and I talked about stopping the frivolous spending but I felt terrible that day and wanted to look fresh later on that night. It felt good getting some new threads especially to look fresh to death later on in the evening. Now I have purged myself I will working on the frivolous spending. Of course Msusyr24 bought the sickest watch I have seen, he said he forgot about the convo and was setting a bad example lol.

The same day, I was able to have an im conversation with TheLipoFund. This is rare because this fool is always playing hella tables. He has some of the biggest swings of anyone I know and I asked him point blank how he deals with them. He gave me an honest reply of by not caring anymore. This is the mentality that I definitely need to have. I was getting so caught up in the emotions of the game that I think I was putting too much pressure on myself to succeed. I mean I have a full time job I do not depend on this income at all. I am thankful that Lipo talked some sense into me.

Last night I grinded and had a good +1k day. Those days always feel great especially when things are not going well for you initially. I was getting killed earlier in the session and even lost a hand KK vs KK vs 95 sigh. After that happened, I just closed my eyes, took a couple of deep breaths, focused my consciousness on the present and making good decisions. I also looked at some positive thinking quotes during one of my breaks to make sure my head stayed in the game. Definitely proud of the way I mentally handled the session. I also was able to rail vertek to a win in a 180. He was so short and out of nowhere start pwning and won it. I was joking and saying that if he won I would cut my comp off because he really came from such a short stack. Good thing I didn't because I was still going strong in my tournaments. Will be putting in more volume today because it will be a joke if I don't hit 1k games played this month.

I am also posted this Michael Jackson video of him doing the robot. Man MJ was so talented and he was killing the game with this. I am sure Daleroxxu will appreciate it C'mon Son GTFO here wit dat bullshit!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Congrats to vertek for winning the prop bet. To be honest I am a sore fucking loser and pretty pissed. How I was so close to 20k then pokerstars shits on me like America does to black people. J/k obv but not happy about this @ all. I guess it is me just being competitive. Honestly I feel like crying but it's whatever it is what it is. I was flying to Cinci last night just thinking about my life and how it is just filled with unfulfilled promises or goals met. I promise the only goal in my life that I have accomplished is getting a freaking job and college degree. Let's go throught my list of goals I wanted to have for my life.

1. Become an astronaut - Failed but at least I got an internship @ NASA
2. Become a pilot - Failed but at least I am working on airplanes now
3. Be a successful poker player - Failing at that
4. Eat better and lose weight - Failing but I still have time
5. Stop frivolous spending - Failing I make it rain more than Lil Wayne

Sums up my life I guess. But whatever at least I will make this post motivational so I NEVER lose another prop again.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It seems like I am the biggest biatch of online poker just whining all the time it will change soon. Yesterday I played a session of only $12/180's and I got absolutely raped. I lost around -$600 and was kind of tilted while playing my last one table. I know I didn't play it my best but I came in 4th. I rarely do tilt but with how I was running I just couldn't take it I guess. I missed a couple of spots that were bad and now I am really focused on not letting me affect me. Maybe the fact that it was my last table and I was one tabling and just wanted to finish. I will go over the majority of my tournaments I played and see what happened. I can't control how bad I run but I can control how hard I work. Sadly I might have to make a deposit I am not busto but I like to have a comfortable roll to play with online.

Also, just read msusyr24's blog and he was talking about misclicks. I tend to misclick too especially when I get too caught up in the little stuff. I am going to do everything possible to keep these down because I am sure they are causing me to lose money. I am really thinking about starting to read up on the Tommy Angelo breathing exercises and start using those.

Oh well that's all I got for now. Don't get it twisted got confidence in my game just gotta work things out. I am happy I am documenting all of this because when I start shitting online I am gonna be like wow look where I came from. Sorry if you think I complain all the time I am just telling you what's going on.


Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am pretty disappointed in myself after my last coaching sessions. We went through a hand history where I won in a $12/180 and my play was pretty bad. I have no idea why I am missing spots I should be easily catching. It has to be that I am not focusing enough or I am playing too many tables. I am moving down to like 12-14 tables. I feel like I have done this in the past and it helped. At the same time I guess it is a blow to my ego to know that I have to step down in tables. It will be worth it so I stop making mistakes. I mean the ones I am making have to be part of the reason for some of my results. Either way that's the plan. Probably will review some hh's, watch football, and clean the apartment today. GL to everyone on the tables.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Figured Something Out

I know one of my main problems I have when I am playing. I think I try to click to fast instead of thinking about situations. I remember when PDice use to coach me and tell me to wait till the warning beeps and then act. Well, I feel out of that and now sometimes I feel like I am clicking way too fast. Maybe it is me playing too many tables but I can handle the tables I just rush too much. Now, I have been pausing like 3 seconds before clicking or doing anything. Hopefully this will help.

I feel like I am finally getting some traction going this month. I probably should review more of my games to make sure I am not missing spots. I feel all around better and hopefully can turn the corner this month. I have also thought about donating a % of my poker winnings or organizing a tournament for the people in Haiti. Haiti was already one of the poorest countries and this earthquake didn't help @ all.

In other things, I am really contemplating getting a personal chef. This personal will make me meals in advance and make it easier for me to heat up. I would get a bunch of microwaveable stuff like Lean Cuisine but that stuff is nasty. Hopefully this will allow me to eat healthier and not trick off my money every single day. I just feel like I don't have enough time in the day to cook for myself. I practically always have to play right after work or the games will die. Thanks a like Pacific Standard time!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clipse Feeling Good

I don't know why but I am vibin to this song right now.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Keep The Day Job

The second that I think that I want to play full time for my job I am happily reminded why I have a day job. Also, it makes me respect the players that do it for their sole source of income that much more. I can't even begin to explain how I feel. I had a coaching session last night with my new coach and it went well. Gave me a chance to grasp new concepts and think about things in a different light. For the most part, I am playing good but missing spots here or there. The spots I am missing are not terrible but each mistake could mean more chips gained. We also talked a little about the variance in the games.

1000 game break even stretches are not even unfathomable just a part of the game. I just need to keep plugging volume. Geez that sentence gets old but it's the only way you will make money in this game. When I bored I also look at other top players and the variance they deal with. I guess it is just mind boggling to know that even though you are +ev you are going to have stretches like this. If anything I am just freaking crushed. I was so close to finishing off the prop bet with 20k and the doom switch hit. It's so annoying, everything I get close to some milestone everything hits the shitter ugh.

Today I have a doctors appointment so that will be interesting. I have long thought that I have some type of sleeping disorder/ADD so I will see what's going on. It's pretty hard for me to stay focus on stuff and my mind just wonders. Even when playing sessions or at work my mind tends to wonder when I am doing different things. This is probably the reason why I am writing this post now lol. Either way good luck to everyone on the tables. Will try to update from now on 2x per week.

Monday, January 4, 2010

In Seattle Can't Sleep

I am in Seattle I and I can't really sleep so I thought I would do something productive and blog. Honestly, I was supposed to clean up the appartment but I have been getting sidetrack. All I can think about is poker, grinding, being successful, and having my own life. Yeah I love my job and everything but I just want to be independent. All I can think about is getting into work at 6 am. I am so not a morning person it is ridiculous. 2010 will crack off for me it has to. I have put way to much time, energy , and emotions into this game for me to fail this year. All I can think about how in 2009 I thought I was going to be making the kind of money I wanted to but I sucked. I shouldn't say I sucked, but I definitely didn't perform that great. I know I am hard on myself but looking back at things I feel like throwing up. All those times where, I was autopiloting through sessions, not concentrating, and being a poker bot. I feel like I am doing a much better job on concentrating and capitalizing on all spots. It's crazy because since my downswing I feel like I am playing good just running bad. That might be the wrong mentality but, I still feel like I am actively looking at my game.

I don't know why it's all I think about. I am so hungry and like this game it's ridiculous. My dad tells me that I am wasting my time but I just can't wait. I have always been a rebel on the inside and do opposite of what my parents say. I mean for the most part I make great decisions, but I always know there are times where I want to do something my way. Meh oh well it is what it is. I will also try to keep the blog more personable. I mean don't get it twisted I am not dumb and obv have to exclude things because you don't know who will read what. But in general, I will put more stuff about whatever I am feeling at the time.

Also, good luck to my buddies vers, assissnato, draqq, jbrown, reasons14, and whoever else I know that is down in the Bahamas for Pokerstars PCA. I really hope you guys crush and make a name of yourself down there. I am going to try really hard to get there next year I will be there and it better be in that tournament and not a bystandard!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

December Results and 2010 10 Ninja!

This month has been a tale of two storms. As I said earlier in this blog for my first like 500 or so games I was on a sick heater. There is no better feeling than running like Usain Bolt when you are playing online. You just feel like no matter what happens you will win. AA vs 22 it's all good my deuce is coming. Unfortunately heaters don't last forever. I ended up on like a 2k downswing at the end of the month. Although normally I would complain my ROI was still at like 55% for the month of December so it's whatever. It was my best poker month and I played all 180's so that seems like I will stick to those going into next year even though the variance is just crazy.

Personally, I learned alot about myself and poker this year. I thought I was going to be like last year and just crush but that wasn't the case. Maybe some of it was due to me not concentrating while I was playing and being on autopilot but it showed in my results. Sure I can say I ran bad too but I don't think I was doing everything to put myself in the right situation to succeed. I feel like overall I am a lot more comfortable with my play in 180's and getting better with my play postflop. Of course I have the occasional slip up but for the most part I am happy with my progress in this game. I still need to finish out this prop bet with vertek and thought I could do it in December. Well I started running bad and now he has a little bit of a lead on me. I won't let him win I will make it as tough on him as possible.

For 2010 I have a lot of goals and aspirations that I want to right down so hopefully they become true. First I would like to make 40k+ playing poker this year. I know a lot of people are gonna be like wtf you barely made 10k in 2009. Oh well I don't care I am aiming high and I think I can do it while playing the 180's. Another thing I want to do is make sure I play nothing less than 1,500 games a month. It's been tough trying to find balance but at the end of the day if I don't put in volume I won't make money bottom line. I also want to start venturing in 6 max cash and dibbling and dabbling in it. I think your potential earn is higher but I at least want to win money and stack up playing sng's. I also want to make sure that I am at 200lbs or below for my birthday. That means I have to get off my lazy ass and start working out. Lastly I want to make sure I stay on track with grad school. I got an A in my first class so hopefully I can keep my momentum going. I am posting my results, sub par at best sigh, below and my graph of the month. I am really looking forward to 2010 and am proclaiming this my break out year in poker. I also would like to say I appreciate all the support of my friends/fellow grinders in 2009 and look forward to meeting a lot fo you in person in 2010.

Goal Cliff Notes:
Games Played/month: Nothing Less than 1500
Learn 6 Max Cash NL and PLO
Get down to 200 lbs
Keep on track with grad school
December Results
2009 Results