Thursday, March 26, 2009

GoldStar Weeeeeeee!

Well I have accomplished my goal of reaching GoldStar vip status level. It has been a crazy month. After the beginning of the month, I was doing alright and was close to 1k. Then I reached a point where I had a downswing and pretty much lost all of it. Now it is towards the end of the month and now I am back up like 1.2k. My ROI is slacking for what I had in terms of my goal but I still have some time to bring that up. I need to make that final push for the end of the month. I don't know how long I will be able to play this weekend though. Friday I will probably go out after work have some cocktails so that is that. On Saturday, I have ticekts for the Cask Brew Festival in Seattle so thats going to be another night of drinking. I probably will be able to get some games in on late Friday night and Saturday morning. Hopefully, I don't get too faded on Friday so that I will be able to play. I also made the decision to not play on Sundays anymore. I know some people are going to be like thats the juiciest day of the year but thats the ev that I will just have to pass on. When I first started poker, I told myself that I wasn't going to play on Sundays just because of religious reasons. It's already a struggle having to talk to my parents about me playing poker and just views of it with the church. Oh well I am not going to get deeper into it but I am just not playing on Sundays anymore. Plus, most of my Sundays suck anways and I usually get pwned by Stars. This just means I am going to have to grind a little harder since I am going to be out of like 3-4 days a month because of Sunday. Oh well, I think I will feel better about the situation in the long term.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Running Better

After a session with vers and reviewing tournaments critiques I have posted, I have been running a lot better and back to where I was before my swing. I am pretty happy about it too because I think I have been putting in a lot of work. Like I have said before on previous posts, there is no better feeling than getting results after putting in the work. While doing these things, I figured out another thing that I was doing. From time to time, I kind of get myself getting cocky and running on autopilot on SNG's. Well, although a lot of peopel talking stuff about how easy SNG's are to play and it only becomes a shove fest I don't think that is neccesarily true. Sure we are kind of playing a little dumbed down because not having to play flops, turns, and rivers like in cash games but it is still one big problem. You are constantly having to think about ranges what range of hands you think this person will be pushing with his stack size, etc. etc. It's these types of things that I think I was slipping for a while and not really thinking everything through. I have to realize I must have to mentally play through EVERY single hand/situation and not just coast through my SNG's. I guess its more of like a life leak. Sometimes I can just walk around and not put 100% of my efforts into something. Although think I am playing poker 100%, I think I need to go that extra and make sure I play 100% mentally and always thinking about the situation. I think that this will greatly help my game and help keep me on point more. Even knowing all these things, I know I still have some leaks that I need to plug. I won't put all my leaks on blast on blog so people can use them against me :-p. But please believe I am trying to plug them. Although, I probably could put everything on this blog because no one reads it anyway.

Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention. I was interested in the Dang brothers because I have heard and read some stuff on them but there interview on Mediocre Poker was real legit. They seemed like cool down to earth guys and they were talking about some good tidbits of information about ranges and stuff. I probably will start listening to some more of there shows on there like the one they did with Phil Galfond.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Computer Problems

As stated before I still have not built my new computer. That is the main problem because now my computer problems have affected my poker so something needs to happen. Yesterday I spent my time after work cleaning the computer with anti virus and spyware removal software. It took freaking forever and pretty much knew that I wouldn't be able to get any type of volume in. I am going to try and get some volume in today. I am scheduled to play some basketball after work and then I am going to hop on stars and grind for a while. I really am motivated to play which is why I was kind of pissed off I wasn't able to play yesterday. Lawjik is helping me get all the parts together for the new system so hopefully I will be able to have that built before the end of the month. Thats all I have for now until I actually start playing again :-s.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Yesterday I seemed to have to worst SNG day ever. I played for a while and even got to up to around 16 tables at one point but just ran so bad bad bad. I looked at my session and saw some shoves where I was shoving wider but nothing that I would think would contribute to a -$700 swing. I feel so terrible because as soon as my sharkscope gets close to 7k I just tank it. Granted I was experimenting with ranges in some spots I guess I had to learn the hard way. It also didn't help that jetblackx was running so hot against me it really was funny. I always felt like I went in with the better hand against him but he just had my number. I guess I can't complain because the other day I was playing against jaydoggie and felt like I couldn't lose in a pot against him. I guess sometimes its like that. I am still up like $250 on the month but this downswing hurt. I really thought I was turning the corner but when trying new things I can't really argue with results or be results oriented. Due to the fact that I ran so badly on Sunday, I plan on putting in heavy volume this week. I will be playing the $12's and also mixing in the $6.50 so I can try to 14 table. I was doing 15-16 yesterday pretty effortlesly and when reviewing the session it looked like my game really did not fall off. I dunno maybe I will end up doing that later on this week but for now I think I will just stick to 12 tables. I definitely am on pace to get that GoldStar I just need to run better and play smarter. It's always easy to say but hard to accomplish :-).

Unfortunately, the Jay Cutler vs. Broncos saga has gotten worse and he has officially asked for a trade. I didn't think it would ever come to this but I don't know what kind of resolution can happen with this. I am just upset that Pat Bowlen has said nothing about the matter or John Elway hasn't chimed in for a nice quote in the Denver Post. Who knows where this is going but it can't be good. The Nuggets got lucky, thanks Eastern Conf. for whipping up on the Jazz and Trailblazers, so they are in spot #4 in the playoff race. Hopefully they will pull there heads out of their butts and start playing how they need to. Manchester United got whooped by Liverpool though so you can't win them all. United are still in great position with a game in hand so hopefully this loss will humble them just a tad. Till next time.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Letting Fans Down

Well, I honestly think I have been letting my fans down by not blogging. Well I am not really that delusional and know I don't have very many :-p. But, you know it is bad when my sister calls me out about not blogging and she doesn't even read it all that often. J/k I love you Joi and even though we don't talk much, because you suck at working mobile devices, I hope you are doing great at UVA. Now on to the great game we know as poker. Obv I was a loser last month two. Needless to say 2009 has not been filled with the greatness I have anticipated but hey thats variance. I really can't do anything but look at poker in the long term. If I keep making +ev decisions I am sure that I will be able to come out ahead in the long run. I asked my boy TheLipoFund, who also needs to update, about what it takes to be a good SNG player. He said you just need to put on dookie repellant. I totally agree because sometimes you get into slumps where you don't feel like anything can go right. Well it is what it is and all you can really do is play through it. Currently, I am having a decent month but need to put in a lot of volume. I will put my goals at the bottom of this post.

As far as last month, I had a good time enjoying traveling. Going to Phoenix for the All Star Game and Las Vegas the next weekend. I crashed and burned when I came back which also contributed to me not putting in much volume. Man it really was cool to go on vacation with money that I won off of stars. Seems like the life I want to live. So donkeys please keep donating to me so I can jet set across the world, hopefully the world part is coming soon but for now the USA is jut fine.

On another note, it seems like all my sport teams besides Manchester United are in crisis mode. The Nuggets just continue to find ways to lose games as of late. They were as high as 3rd in the west and now they are around 7th. They better get their minds right because if they don't they will have to either play the Lakers or Spurs in the playoffs or miss them entirely. Now, lets talk about the soap opera also known as the Denver Broncos. First Jay Cutler is mad because we almost traded him for Matt Cassel. Then, Brandon Marshall got arrested the next day but charges were dropped. I think Jay Cutler has a little right to be mad but seriously man let it go. Right now you are acting like a whining little baby. I mean yes you have talent and had a pro bowl year but you still are not Payton Manning or Tom Brady. That is why you really can't be suprised they talked about trading you. Bottom line pro sports are a business and you need to recognize that. Besides you haven't even gotten us to the playoffs or won a playoff series yet. All I have to say about the Marshall situation is STAY OUT OF TROUBLE! How hard is it to not put your hands on a woman. Just don't touch her if you feel like she is getting on your nerves or you might snap how about going out and taking a run or just driving around in a Ferrari. I think that would fix my problem. Although I don't do much running ;-).

Even though this post is so random and everywhere, you can't expect anything less because I have not blogged for almost a month. I have set some stricter goals for the month, even though we are almost halfway through March already but anyways here we go.

-Vip Status: GoldStar
-ROI: 20-25%
-Wear Dookie Repellant and not let things get to me
-Blog at least one time per week

I think these results are definitely obtainable. Especially the GoldStar one since they lowered the amount of VPP's you need to get this VIP stats. The last one I am actively working hard at. I mean its hard to let beat after beat after beat after beat well you get the point get to you. But hey its poker and the life that I life so f it. I think it will help me emotionally because last month I definitely snapped out on KJK when she im'd me for no reason because I was just running terrible. I don't want to be the type of person that is too emotionally attached to the game and wearing on my personal life so I will do better with this. Well this post is all over the place like I said earlier but until next time.