Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Might Be On To Something

I played last night and besides the second place I got in an 180, I think that I generally was not playing my A game for some reason. I say this because I think I noticed a leak that I have a the final two tables. Hopefully that will help me when it comes down to it so that I can have more chips when I get to the final table.

Probably not going to play today. I have a business meeting after work and then I have a double header in softball. I am just going to use this time to go over some HH's and other players HH's to see if maybe my leak is valid. Either way something has to turn around. I think that studying more will help. It is always great when studying = results and they usually do in the long term. Just feel like I am in a general rut trying to get ahead.

Either way I dunno I just think I am so competitive deep down inside. I hate feeling like I am not winning because tbh I feel like a break even player. I am hungry! My ribs are touching like a starving African because I just am that hungry to win. I can't wait for the day I really can't. I know it will come sooner than later or I will have to quit. J/k about the quitting thing but I know I need to play better.


Monday, August 17, 2009

My Break Through

When I started this blog I never thought I was going to try real hard and not complain about swings etc. etc. but it's the way of the game. I just hate blogs when someone is like I am crushing the game and they only blog when they are winning. Blogs are so cool because you get to see the dynamic of the person that is writing it. You get to feel the emotional roller coaster, known as poker, and how people deal with their struggles. Basically this is a mini disclaimer because I will be complaining a little bit.

The picture at the top is supposed to represent breaking through. That's all I want to do is break through in this game. That was my whole goal this year but of course things never go like it is supposed to plan. I just look at my profits for 2009 and sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time. Don't get me wrong I love this game, I love to grind, that's why I play but, can a brotha make some money. I feel like I study do the right things but often times don't get rewarded.

When you read stuff like this it will make it sound like I am either a losing player or having a super long BE stretch but I just feel like I am a better player than my results are showing. I know that vers is going through his 5k BE stretch and I guess it's kind of reassuring. He is one of the best 45/180 man grinders I know and he is going through his struggles. I just have to accept the fact that the games are tougher and I have to GRIND though it.

Yesterday I felt like I played pretty good but nothing really went my way. I bust the Sunday 1/4 million when my KK < AJ just so annoying. I am happy at how I played thought in MTT's in general. I felt I capitalized on spots to squeeze etc but some things I did may of been a bit excessive. There are def spots where I think I am better off just re raising and jamming flops instead of just shoving my stack in the middle. Either way its gotta turn around.

This next week I just plan on grinding a lot because I have friends coming into town on Friday. After that I won't be playing that much for about a week because I need to entertain them instead of playing poker. In a sense the timing is good. I could probably use a week of though. Hopefully I can start making some good profit this upcoming week. Below are my results for the month. I am down like $100 but was up to like $600 this month at most. All I want to do is have back to back winnning sessions and I think I will take off from there. Don't get me wrong thhough, the confidence/swag is there, but the results are not. Maybe PokerStars doesn't like black people j/k obv :-(.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome Bizack

Guess who's bizzack
Still smell the blow on my clothes
Like crispy cream I was cooking them o's
Like horseshoes I was tossin' them o's

-Young Jeezy-

Been a while since I updated the blog. I always go out of town at the beginning of months and when I come back never update my blog and I guess basically I suck at getting back into the groove.

Last month went alright in terms of poker. I actually had a winning month but took a little bit of a downswing at the end of the month when I started playing the 180's. Sometimes I play the 180's and think wtf did I get myself into but I love them. I don't know if it is my addictive personality but the feeling when you go deep in one of those is pretty crazy. Although, you know that so much needs to go your way to get to the final table or take one down.

Some people will probably be like wtf is this fool doing up updating his blog. Well that's what happens when you got happy hr after work get some drinks in you and pass out early. Now its 3:04 am and I don't think I am going back to sleep. I mean I will pretty much gurantee myself being late to work if I go to sleep now.

Lately just been grinding the 180's and played a cash game session at Muckleshoot. I took a nice hit and I won't be playing that 3/5 game until I re up some money. It's hard because I want to build up a live roll but I guess it requires me taking a shot so I have to save up to take shots. I really don't like withdrawing from stars so I just save and take shots here and there. Oh well.

That kind of led to this funky mood I was in this weekend. Often times I read other peoples blogs and they talk about depression. I don't think I get depressed very much but sometimes when things aren't going right I get in stank moods. Kind of weird moods where I don't want to be bothered. I usually don't get like this but when you played bad and lost live and then play online and not exactly crushing it's hard to just be all excited lol. Although for the most part I usually just think about the positive. Think about how I am blessed to have a job in this economy and a skill where I can make myself some money. Kind of puts it into prespective I guess. I complain a lot but thats probably because I am lazy and don't like waking up at 6 am ;-).

I started my LLC and pretty excited about it. I think I am going to start doing some more research and looking at real estate stuff. I am trying to develop a network around me and as things get more set into place I will talk about it more. But hey Bradford Investments is an official company.

My plans for this month are just to play a lot of games. I have some trips I want to go on soon so I needs the money. Plus having a passport now I feel like I can make big time moves now :-) . Thats all I have for now I will post the results of last month below :-). Here's to success in 180's!