Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Of course as you guys probably know I am not SilverStar status yet on pokerstar but will easily get there when I get off of work today. I only need 23 vpp to get there and I didn't feel like grinding it out yesterday I was kind of sleepy. Yesterday after work I just watched Monday Night Football and after that played like a total of 12 games. I was going to keep loading tournaments but I was feeling sleepy so that is that. Besides that life is good and looking forward to posting graphs for my monthly results this month. I would also like to thank vers out for being so helpful to me and extending some resources to me.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Recent Life

Well I am sitting at my desk not too happy about a lot of things so I felt compelled to right about them. First of all I want to talk about the news that the Jacksonville Jags player Richard Collier got shot 14 times, go one leg amputated, and is paralyzed from the waist down. Needless to say that his NFL career is over I get so sick of hearing this stuff in the black community. A guy has a little money from playing in the NFL and now turns into a target so sad. All he was doing was trying to talk to some females after the club and then his car got lit up by bullets. My heart and prayer goes out to his family and his continual recovery. Now the next thing that is on my mind is the great ole USA. WTF are these clowns doing that we heave elected into office. We are in one of the biggest financial crisis's ever and people are more worried about politics. WTF you mean that you are not gonna vote for the bailout because you are worried about being elected. Hey here is a smart idea how about we do absolutely nothing and see what happens to the economy. I am not too happy that we have to bail these clowns out but I admit that it is so necessary. If we don't bail these companies out there is no telling wtf is going to happen to this economy. I mean I wish I can get my money back when going All in foolishly, like this past Thursday sigh, but that is not how the world works. As far as poker, I didn't play that much at all this weekend and need to put some volume in on Mon and Tue to assure myself SilverStar status for two months in a row. I made a little over $600 this month which is not too shabby but I need to finish off strong and get this promotion. On another note due to my terrible decision on Thursday where I went all in w/AA very deep on a low flop, knowing this clown flopped a set, I will be out of the casino until Oct 16 when I get paid two more times. Hopefully the next couple of weeks I can just focus on putting in volume on stars even though I know the live games are filled with donkeys. Oh well thats all I have now and I can't wait until another hour where I can go home and get the HELL out of the cubicle.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Live Poker + Man Of Excuses

Well, I haven't really updated my blog because I have been playing live poker at the Muckleshoot Casino. I was playing some $1/2 spread limit which is the equivalent to No Limit but now I am playing $3/5 spread. I feel like I have an edge on these games and definitely feel like they are very profitable and will help me in general in my poker game. I was donking off money on the $1/$2 after losing the biggest pot of my life. I had called a raise with KQ flopped the nuts and got my money in with four other people with the best hand at the time. Another, guy had a straight like me, one guy had a set of J and another guy I dunno wtf he had. Well, the T ball hit on the river filling the guy with the set up and I felt like such a scrub. After that I pulled out more money which was a no no because I played like dog ass because I was so on tilt oh well. I went back the next day and won money back and then some so its not that bad. I need to get in the habit of not going on tilt after taking a beat like that live. I am usually good about it online because I am seeing so many hands but live I am really working on it. After losing a big pot from now on I am gonna just take a couple of deep breaths clear my mind and let it go maybe even take like a 5min break. I am going to try to go the casino at least 2-3x a week while still trying to keep the same volume that I am playing online. Now that I typed this I probably will only go 2x a week so that I can maintain my online volume. In terms of playing online, I am doing alright this month I have made in between $400-$500 this month running at around 25-30% ROI which is what sharkscope is telling me right now.

On another note, I was absolutely getting flamed by one of my friends and she told me that I am a man of excuses. Well the sad part about it is that I think she is right. This is definitely a growing trend that I need to fix. I am real quick to say I will do x, y, and z but when I do x and z but not y I will come up with some excuse of why I didn't do it. Well the days of that are over and I am trying to do something about it. I am 24 years old now and need to start growing up I guess. To do this I think that I need to establish a schedule. Sigh, I am so against schedules and like to go with the flow but the truth is, I think that it is hurting me and definitely become -ev. I need some structure in my day to not only help me maximize my day, but to know how much time I have to work with doing the day. So I need to sit down tonight and figure out something. I know I want to workout at least 3-4x a week which is also +ev. Right now I weigh 212 and I really wanna get my weight down to under 200 probably around 185-190. I mean I have always been on the bigger side because I played offensive line so I was upwards to like 250 in high school. But, I just want a change for myself.

Anyways thats all I have on this post look forwards to more updates in the future.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poker, Football, and FIFA 09

Poker was going good until last night. I decided to take a shot and mix in some $11+1 and ran like absolute crap on all of them. It seemed like I was doing alright at the $6.50's and was getting crushed in the $12's. It also didn't help that I was checking to see what lobby I busted out from to load up the right tournament. Oh well next time I won't do this and just run a session with just $12's. My plan now is to grind back up till I get a little bit above 2k in the roll and then take the shot again. I guess you can't run as smooth as butter when you move up all the time.

Words cannot explain how excited I am about the football season starting. It seems like I was just waiting and waiting and now it is finally here. The Broncos did not let me down on Monday night and kicked the living dog piss out of the Jokeland Raiders. It was also comforting to see how well our passing game looked without our number one receiver Brandon Marshall. Eddie Royal looked really good and I am looking forward to seeing how dangerous our offense is this year. However I thought the game was a little misleading and still want to see improvement in special teams and the run game. I am very excited for the Broncos vs. Chargers game this season because we owe that punk Phillip Rivers a little payback.

This morning I left my xbox 360 on and when I go home I get to play FIFA '09 demo. Even though the demo is only 2x2 halves, which actually sucks balls, I am waiting to see how much they improved on the game from '08. I am pretty sure I won't be disappointed and can't wait to get home to play it which happens in about a half hour.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Short Post

This is only a short post before I update later on tonight. Running great on PokerStars. Giving too many live donkeys credit in $1/$2 NLHE and making crazy tight folds, well only maybe one fold but it was an alright sized pot. So excited for the NFL to start I want the Broncos to win on Monday and my Fantasy Football team to crush! And oh yeah great job NOLES FSU FSU!

Monday, September 1, 2008

August Results & Bday

Well even though I am the ripe old age of 24 now I will talk about what went on in terms of my month on pokerstars first. The month pretty much sucked but thats alright I am still happy with it. I had some specific goals set and even though I didn't reach all of them I feel like I landed on a star, no pun intended, even though I shot for the moon. My first goal was to make another 1k this month. Well, that did not go exactly as planned at all. I started off the month pretty bad. I was in a downswing before I went to Las Vegas and when I got back I was still on a downswing. This whole month it felt like I was in a big race to get back to even. I was down as much as like $350 is at one point but managed to maintain volume and ended up making $154. I mean yes the amount is meager but I really learned a lot about myself this month. I was proud of my determination and not quitting and putting in no volume like I normally do. It was so bad I was just absolutely getting pwned the whole month but oh well. I also said that I wanted to reach SilverStar vip status and accomplished that as well. Like I said earlier all in all I am pleased with this month just because it built some character.

On my birthday I was a complete degen and spent the whole day in the casino. I know you guys are going to be like wtf is wrong with this clown but I dunno it just happened. When I first arrived at the Muckleshoot casino I was going to just play the tournament and maybe some $1/$2 spread limit which is the equivalent to no limit. In WA the laws are set so the max bet is $500. Well, I ended up showing up later for the tournament and not getting in so I put my name on the interest list for $1/$2. The table never opened but there was a $3/$5 spread limit game about to start. I was like well I might as well take a shot. Bam I end up buying in for $400 and ended up losing that. Mostly because I didn't learn anything from Vegas and had QQ run into KK again preflop. Oh well now I really know what to do with this hand and adjust accordingly never again. So I went and bought back in for another $200 and proceeded to lose that. I mean I thought I was playing good and the game was good. So I was like alright this is my last $200 I am going to buy in for. Well right when I sit back down I ended up doubling up with J9 and got very lucky because my opponent had QJ and the flop was JJx so I def got lucky on the turn with the 9 ball SHIP IT. From then on I just continued to play and get outplayed. There was a guy there who was a good player and jumped on me EVERY time he smelt weakness. There were a lost of times where I would check on the river for pot control and just call a bet but then he would put a ridiculous bet on the river and made me fold. I mean some of the folds I was making were bad but looking at the situations I dunno how else I could have played him. I mean the guy was good and he just outplayed me straight up. Well to not get too off topic I ended up making it to like $650 and won high hand for the hour for like $250 with AQQQQ so I actually made money even though I was in the casino from 11am to 2am. I mean I broke a lot of rules in terms of stakes and taking the shot but it was def a learning experience and feel like I am a better player for it. Either way it is kind of embarrassing I spent my whole day in the casino but it was a great learning experience and had a good time. Here are some pics from the month results.