Thursday, September 30, 2010

Words Can't Express How On Tilt I Am! F Washington Government!

This needs no explanation after you read what PokerStars sent me. Just another reason to find my way out of Washington. I might of found a loophole but won't talk about it on here.

Hello wbmustang,

We regret to inform you that real money play at PokerStars is no longer permitted in Washington State.

Due to the recent Washington Supreme Court ruling on Internet gambling, we have blocked real money play for all players from Washington, effective immediately. This unfortunate step is being taken based on input from our legal team following this court ruling.

Rest assured that your account balance is safe. If you wish to cash out immediately, you can do so.

At this point, we have not yet made provisions for dealing with other balances you may have in your account, such as T-Money and unused tournament tickets. We plan to complete this process in the next 5-7 business days. We appreciate your patience.


mr.matt.geer said...

I'm in the same boat, although I live in Vancouver which is 2mins from Portland.... gonna have to try to find some office space or possibly move :( ....

wbmustang said...

It's a shame and the government is a joke. All this rinky dink cardrooms, casinos, and horse tracks they have around here.

I am pretty pissed but will figure something out.

sheepish_mo said...

argh this is bs, thank god i dont live in man hope to see u at the tables again soon :|

alexandra said...

that's really disgusting.