Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Short Post Bigger Update on 3/5

Since I got called out in a comment in the blog I had to make an update.  Lol thanks for the public outing loxxii.  I find it funny because sometimes it's hard to believe anyone actually reads what I write, but it was the whole point of doing thins.  Hopefully the accountability will keep up.  I will have a bigger update with photos and stuff next Tuesday.

Still doing LeanGains right now.  Doing 16 hr fast with an 8 hr feeding window.  I have been doing it for a while but as posted earlier getting a lot better with keeping to adherence.  Although I have actually lived life and haven't had 100% nutrition, overall I am doing well.  The more I read the more I know that A it's not a sprint it's a marathon and B consistency is key.

I have also been reading a lot of things on James Clears website.  I found his blog by listening to him on a podacast on  The podcast was very good and if you want you can listen to it here James Clear Fat Burning Man Podcast.

When looking on James' blog he talks a lot about the psychology on the mind and how we need to use it help make lifestyle changes not life altering changes.  For instance, instead of wanting extra income each year you would focus on working 5 hours and creating a new lifestyle.

Still in the gym doing my RPT 3 Day split.  I feel like my form is getting better and my strength is going up.  That's always a good sign because you know that you are building muscles.

Overall in life I am doing much better in terms of my own health.  I am making it a point to stay consistent on the diet, flossing every night, and taking my vitamins.  I feel like I am actually starting to get in a groove with all of these things and now it is starting to feel routine instead of chores.  Hopefully it gets to the point when it starts to feel funny if I don't do it.

That's all I got for now.  Next update on March 5th with some photos.

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Carlos said...

I had to come back and check up on you. I looked at Leangains awhile back and it led me to IF and Brad Pilon. I was doing pretty good with fasting to the point that I could go like 2 days without feeling real hunger. I am now working with Ray Cronise and he is helping me lose. Once I get to where I wanna be, I want to try Carb Back-Loading. As you can see, my problem is consistency. I really do like the sound of that plan though.

Poker-wise, I just pulled all my money off Merge because I am sick of the 2 month cashout times. I just learned that ACR has a debit card (remember the Neteller days?) with super fast cashouts. Im going to give them a try.

I got a cruise coming up in April, so I plan to go hard with the fat loss and workouts in March. Your progress is really motivating. Keep at it homie. I'll do progress pics in March as well.